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The Other Wittgenstein....2002
NOT A DRAMA...but worth including here.... (R4, 1330, 14 May 02) ....was an excellent biography of the pianist Paul Wittgenstein, brother of the famous philosopher. He lost his right arm in the First World War, and it seemed that his career was over, but he developed his left hand technique to such a degree that he was able to comission some of the world's best composers to write music which he performed all over the world. Pete Morgan wrote and presented the programme.

by Douglas Slater. Directed by Peter Kavanagh. Broadcast 3rd April 1990, Radio 3. An ex-virtuoso pianist listens nervously to a performance of Rachmaninoff's Variations on a Theme of Corelli that he must critique. More is revealed than is usual during a master class.
Speaker - Ian Mckellen; pianist - Graham Scott.

by Ned Sherrin and Caryl Brahms. I think mid-80s. No more information at the time of writing, though I listened to the recording a couple of years ago. Not sure that the title was "Thomas Beecham". It lasts about an hour and is full of his memorable quotes.

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