Nigel Anthony Radio Plays:
Light Programme

Nigel Anthony credits on the BBC Light Programme.

Barry Hodge.

Light Programme, from 15 June 1958 16.40 (x10), rptd from 8 August 1961 21.00
by Norman Collins. Dramatised by Howard Agg. Produced by Martyn C. Webster.
Other parts played by... Nigel Anthony (credited in parts 5 & 6)

Light Programme, from 1 May 1960 16.30 (x10)
A serial in ten episodes by G. K . Saunders. Production by Audrey Cameron. In 1861, James Pearson-a widower with two children, Jane and Robert-one of the earliest Scottish settlers in New Zealand, has resigned from his job in Dunedin and has been persuaded by his friend Sam Jolly to join him at the Lindis Pass where gold has been discovered. Pearson is to start a store there financed by two diggers, Daniel Hathaway and George Gruff. On the road they meet Martha and her baby, and she tells them that she is on her way to join her husband on the Lindis. Doubtfully, Pearson offers her a lift. At nightfall, and with the miners' camp some mites away still, Pearson's wagon is held up by a bandit.
Other parts played by... Nigel Anthony (credited in parts 2, 3 and 7-9)

TRUE STORY: The Leper Who Made People Sing
Light Programme, 16 May 1960 20.30
Written and produced by Alan Burgess.
Boy: Nigel Anthony

TRUE STORY: Decision at Differdange
Light Programme, 23 May 1960 20.30
Written by Bob Kesten. Produced by Alan Burgess. At the beginning of the war the Nazis invaded Luxembourg. Because they believed that one or two amongst eighteen people acting as fire watchers in a factory at the small town of Differdange were spies, they ordered that all should be executed. Corporal Punzel was ordered to carry out the execution.
Other parts played by... Nigel Anthony

Thirty-Minute Theatre: FOUR PIGEONS
Light Programme, 7 June 1960 21.30
The short story by W. W. Jacobs. Dramatised for radio by Lionel Brown. Produced by David H. Godfrey. During the season the shooting of one of the beaters might be regarded as an accident, but the shooting of several would be considered highly suspicious.
Peter Gubbins: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 6 September 1960 21.30
by Lewis Grant Wallace. Produced by Archie Campbell.
Bus conductor: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, from 1 January 1961 19.05 (x8) rptd from Light Programme, 20 July 1961 20.00
A new radio serial in eight parts by FRANCIS DURBRIDGE with Peter Coke and Marjorie Westbury. Produced by Martyn C. Webster.
With Nigel Anthony (credited in parts 4-6 - various roles)

TRUE STORY: Blackwater
Light Programme, 28 February 1961 21.00
The book by H. L. TREDREE adapted by Alan Hancock. Late in 1918, far out in the Atlantic Ocean, the U.S.S. Sherman picked up a radio message from the tramp ship Normandier, which told them that assistance was needed immediately. When they finally closed on the Normandier she refused to answer any signals and was apparently a drifting derelict without helmsman or power. The U.S.S. Sherman sent a boat across to investigate the mystery. Produced by Alan Burgess.
Tredree: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 17 March 1961 19.31
Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon and Barbara and Richard Lyon. What's buzzin', cousin? Script by Bob Block and Bebe Daniels. Produced by Tom Ronald.
Also taking part... Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, from 23 May 1961 21.00 (x6)
by URSULA BLOOM, with David March as Father Robert Tressland and John Graham as Father Mike Leary. A new series in six episodes Who Follows in his Train? Mr. Kenton, the people's warden, is anxious that the marriage of his daughter, Rita, to Reg Whitby should be solemnised by Father Tressland-but there is a very definite obstacle. Production by Audrey Cameron.
An ambulance man: Nigel Anthony (credited in part 1)

MEET CHRISTOPHER BLAZE: You, too, can be a film star
Light Programme, 13 June 1961 21.00
Episodes in the life of an ex-Detective Inspector by Edward J. Mason with Jack Hulbert as Christopher Blaze. Produced by Martyn C. Webster.
Man: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, from 23 June 1961 20.00 (x6)
A new series for radio in six episodes by G. K. Saunders. The action takes place in and around the guides' hut 4,000 feet up in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Production by Audrey Cameron.
Jacky Rothwell, the junior guide: Nigel Anthony (credited in parts 2, 4-6)

Light Programme, 10 July 1961 16.15
Mrs. Dale writes: I decided to sack Monument but in the end I hadn't the heart; he presented me with strawberries and I promised to take him to the Rose Show! We met Sally and Martin Harvill there, and now they have both gone to Rome on business and have been able to see Jenny. Jim seems to be quite serious about going on holiday without me and I felt really indignant when I heard that he had asked Ian McNeil to go with him. Jim seemed to think I was making a fuss about nothing and I felt too hurt to remind him that he would be away for our wedding anniversary on August I.
With Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 18 July 1961 21.00
Episodes in the life of an ex-Detective Inspector by Edward J. Mason with Jack Hulbert as Christopher Blaze. Produced by Martyn C. Webster.
Carter: Nigel Anthony

MID-WEEK THEATRE: One Night in Styria
Light Programme, 20 December 1961 20.31
by DAVID HOWARTH adapted for broadcasting by Giles Cooper. Produced by CEDRIC MESSINA.
Smithy: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 7 February 1962 20.31
by NORMAN EDWARDS. When trying to telephone the vet at I a.m., Miss Crystal dials the wrong number. The next morning she reads about a mail van robbery, and she has a strong intuition that there is some connection between the robbery and the voice that answered her wrong number. Produced by MARTYN C. WEBSTER.
Aloysius: Nigel Anthony

TRUE STORY: Swinging Death
Light Programme, 6 March 1962 21.00
Written by BOB KESTEN. Produced by ALAN BURGESS.
Wingman: Nigel Anthony

MID-WEEK THEATRE: When is a Door?
Home Service, 21 October 1961 14.10 (Afternopon Theatre)
Light Programme, 23 May 1962 20.31
When George Colyer, manager of the Company, loses his key to the main door of the offices, and borrows one from a director, he becomes the only person with access to the building. Next morning this puts him in a very serious position... Production by RICHARD IMISON.
Sims: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 24 July 1962 19.31
by SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE, adapted for radio by Michael Hardwick with Carleton Hobbs and Norman Shelley. Silver Blaze is the favourite for a big race, but a few days before it is due to run, both the horse and its trainer disappear. Produced by Robin MIDGLEY.
Hunter: Nigel Anthony

MID-WEEK THEATRE: A Touch of the Sun
Home Service, 21 April 1962 14.10 (Afternoon Theatre)
Light Programme, 1 August 1962 20.31
by G. K. SAUNDERS. Produced by Norman WRIGHT.
The Fentons, Siddy: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 21 August 1962 16.15
Script by Jonquil Antony
With Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 5 March 1963 20.00
by Alvah Bessie. This is a true story about a fairy-tale city in America, and one American family who found doing what came naturally led to surprising ends. Produced by R. D. SMITH.
Bob: Nigel Anthony

CHARTER PARTY: 3: A Life for a Life
Light Programme, 27 August 1963 19.31
Four stories of the sea by Gilbert Hackforth-Jones with Noel Johnson, James McKechnle and Russell Napier. Produced by BETTY DAVIES.
Rupert Van Dusenberg: Nigel Anthony

YOUR VERDICT?: The Brothers
Light Programme, 4 September 1963 20.00
A series of legal problems devised and written by JOHN P. WYNN. Introduced by JOHN SNAGGE with a qualified legal opinion from F. W. BENEY, Q.C. and comments from a panel comprising members of the public on this occasion in Birmingham, Southampton and Leeds. Produced by TRAFFORD WHITELOCK.
Roy Crane: Nigel Anthony

ROUND THE GARDEN: 2: The Girl in the Garden
Light Programme, 13 January 1964 20.00
Stories about life in London's Covent Garden Market related by a porter. Harry Nicholls. This week he tells the story of Stan Finney and the girl from Dublin. Produced by HUGH STEWART.
Norman: Nigel Anthony

THIRTY-MINUTE THEATRE: There's Nothing You Can Take
Light Programme, 30 March 1964 20.00
by Robert Johnson, with Colin Campbell. Love, we are told, may be waiting Just around the corner, but too often we are inclined to neglect that possibility. So it was with Eddie, the young hero of this cautionary tale. Produced by ARCHIE CAMPBELL.
Frank: Nigel Anthony

MISTER MAYOR: 1: Bad Name for a Dog
Light Programme, 11 May 1964 20.00
A new radio series by John Hynam, with Wilfred Pickles. Produced by MARTYN C. WEBSTER.
Terry Sampson: Nigel Anthony

MID-WEEK THEATRE: Panther Larkin
Light Programme, 17 June 1964 20.40
A new play for radio by Simon Raven. Roy 'Panther' Larkin has all the makings of a great cricketer and is the favourite of the crowd wherever the Barset side plays-but his success has already made him a number of enemies... Produced by RICHARD IMISON.
Roy 'Panther' Larkin: Nigel Anthony

MISTER MAYOR: 10: Local Boy Makes Good
Light Programme, 6 July 1964 20.00
by John Hynam, with Wi!fred Pickles. Produced by MARTYN C. WEBSTER.
John Carter: Nigel Anthony

MID-WEEK THEATRE: A Question of Loving
Home Service, 19 February 1964 15.00 (Afternoon Theatre)
Light Programme, 15 July 1964 20.40, 7 September 1966 20.40
by Joan O'Connor and Cecily Finn with Eva Stuart. The problem of how to treat a delinquent fourteen-year-old is the ' Question. His stepmother believes in protecting him and his headmaster father believes in discipline, and the boy is caught between them.... Produced by MICHAEL BUTT.
Keith Harris: Nigel Anthony

Home Service, 22 July 1961 14.10 (Afternoon Theatre)
Light Programme, 3 August 1964 20.00
A play for radio by Victor Pemberton, with James Thomason. Stan Parks has been employed by Skinner and Company all his work. ing life. Owing to a wound received in the 1914-18 war. he now has to give up work two years before he is due to retire. Mr. Skinner's treatment of him when he announces his retirement is not what Stan expects. Produced by AUDREY CAMERON.
Paul, Gladys's boyfriend: Nigel Anthony

THE CONSULS: 5: Chance is a Fine Thing
Light Programme, 7 September 1964 20.00
by Lester Powell with Patrick Barr. Some art students knock-off a famous painting from an Italian gallery and coerce the Vice-Consul into driving them over the frontier. A girl and a motoring mix-up frustrate their well-laid plans. Produced by R. D. SMITH.
Max: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 3 March 1965 20.40
A play for radio by Leslie Darbon. Larry Stephens , nicknamed The Sprog, is an apprentice at the Council Depot where equipment has been disappearing. A trap is set to catch the thieves. Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY.
Peter Higgins: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 17 March 1965 20.40
by Gerry Jones, with Bryan Pringle Anne Jameson and Nigel Anthony. 'When a man is Koing down for the third time. he's entitled to wave his arms about.' Mr. Good-win, at fifty-five, went down not with a whimper but with a bang. Produced by R. D. Smith.
Peter: Nigel Anthony

MOONSTRIKE: 6: Five Hours to Kill
Light Programme, 9 April 1965 19.31
A series on the work of war-time agents on special operations in Occupied France Written by Robert Barr. Produced by CHARLES MAXWELL.
Michel: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 16 August 1965 20.00
by Roy Bullen. Boxer 'Fancy' Nelson, managed by Maxie, is a certainty for a knock-out until Maxie gets a bright idea that reverses Fancy's fortunes. Produced by HERBERT DAVIES.
'Fancy' Nelson: Nigel Anthony

RUNWAY TWO-EIGHT RIGHT: 1: Mission of Mercy
Light Programme, 20 September 1965 20.00
A series for radio in thirteen parts about London Airport and its people by Stephen Grenfell with Robert Hardy. Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY.
Gordon: Nigel Anthony

MID-WEEK THEATRE: The Hot Potato Boys
Light Programme, 24 November 1965 20.40
by Alun Richards with Joss Ackland and Gabriel Woolf. Joan, daughter of Captain Culver, master of the s.s. Almareira, berthed in Brussels, is marrying into the Royal Navy, and her father is giving a dinner party for the two families on board his ship. Captain Culver is a 'bit of a lad.' So. too, is Ollie, the mate. and the dinner can be a disaster if - they don'take care. Adapted for radio and produced by Herbert Davie.
Sub Lt Godfrey Marlin, son: Nigel Anthony

MIDWEEK THEATRE: The Townsend-on-Thames Affair
Light Programme, 16 March 1966 20.40
by Leslie Darbon. Reports of large-scale bank-note robberies are not, regrettably, unusual. But when Inspector Aymes Is called to investigate such a crime in Townsend-on-Thames, the affair turns out to be far from usual. Produced by Keith William.
Johnson: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 28 March 1966 20.00
A new play by Edward T. Matthews, with Wilfrid Lawson and Victor Lucas. 'You'll like London. Flick. One gets the feeling there that life is beinK lived. Yes, things are happening in London.' Produced by GRAHAM GAULD.
Johnny: Nigel Anthony

MID-WEEK THEATRE: Take Care on Wednesday
Light Programme, 1 June 1966 20.40
A play for radio by David Lawton and Caroline Ross, with Isabel Dean, Nicolette Bernard and Peter Howell. Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY
Constable: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 6 June 1966 20.00
A drama series for radio. By JOHN PENNINGTON. Fieldmouse, a spy for the British in East Germany, has been 'blown.' and Matthew Rigg has disappeared during an attempt to warn him. Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY.
English soldier: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 28 June 1966 19.31
by Laurence Payne adapted from his own novel with Bernard Lee. Chief Inspector Birkett. investigating Ursula Twist's murder, goes to a shady night club where the dead girl was a member. He seems to be on the trail of something, but his key witness suddenly disappears. Produced by BETTY DAVIES.
Vic: Nigel Anthony

ESCAPE: The Escape Artist
Light Programme, 1 August 1966 20.00
A series of plays, each of which tells an exciting or amusing story on the same theme. By K. Dennis Williams with Everest was climbed because It was there. Our hero sails the Atlantic for a different reason. Produced by R. D. Smith.
Willie: Nicel Anthony

MIDWEEK THEATRE: Appointment in Portugal
Light Programme, 24 August 1966 20.40
by Peter Brooks, with Terence Alexander. The action takes place In and around a Cornish harbour and on board the yacht South Wind. Produced by ARCHIE CAMPBELL.
BBC announcer: Nigel Anthony

MIDWEEK THEATRE: Murder with Variations
Light Programme, 19 October 1966 20.40
by Michael Brett with Maxine Audley and Noel Johnson. 'Please God, let him do what I ask! Please!' Produced by BETTY DAVIES.
Jimmy: Nigel Anthony

MIDWEEK THEATRE: Don'Trust Anyone in the Trade
Light Programme, 22 February 1967 20.15
by H. G. Warwick with John Baddeley. Produced by BETTY DAVIES.
Male: Nigel Anthony

Midweek Theatre: The Sewing Machine
Light Programme, 12 April 1967 20.15, 27 September 1967 20.15
by P.J. Donaldson. A housewife's simple desire to buy a sewing machine has repercussions in the world of crime. Producer: Guy Vaesen.
Sergeant Jones: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, from 30 April 1967 19.00 (x13)
A serial in three stories and thirteen parts by John Boland, with Patrick Barr. Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY.
Podge: Nigel Anthony (credited in parts 3 & 4)

PERSONAL COLUMN: Off to a Good Start
Light Programme, 19 June 1967 19.30
A series originated by PHILIP LEVENE which tells some of the stories from between the lines. By Dawn Pavitt and Terry Wale. Produced by BETTY DAVIES.
Dennis: Nigel Anthony

Host Planet Earth
Light Programme, from 30 July 1967 19.00 (x6)
A serial in six parts by Colin Cooper and Anne Howell, with Brenda Bruce, Clive Morton and Alexander John. A new discovery enables space craft to visit distant regions of the universe within weeks instead of years. But while the dummy run Is in progress a mysterious outbreak of illness, sometimes fatal, occurs among the scientists concerned. Produced by NESTA PAIN.
Nat Blakey: Nigel Anthony (credited in parts 1, 2-6)

Light Programme, 16 August 1967 20.15
by John Galsworthy, adapted for radio by PEGGY WELLS, with Frederick Treves as Matt Denant. Produced by BENNETT MAXWELL.
The fellow convict: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 18 August 1967 16.15
Script by Rex Edwards. Produced by JANE GRAHAM and GLYN DEARMAN.
Jethro: Nigel Anthony

Light Programme, 18 September 1967 19.30
A series originated by PHILIP LEVENE which tells some of the stories from between the lines. By Dawn Pavitt and Terry Wale, with Mary O'Farrell. 'Advertising in a shop window, mother-how could you? If you're going to do this sort of thing you use the facilities of a personal column. That way you know what you're getting.' Produced by BETTY DAVIES.
Vic Simmonds: Nigel Anthony

Compiled by Barry Hodge / Diversity website

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