Nigel Anthony
- a note from Richard Wortley

Nigel was an early voice for advertising Tesco’s and their slogan ‘every little helps’. He has certainly helped me endlessly since we were both young in the media. I am a BBC drama director and Nigel is one of the most talented and delightful actors I have ever had the luck to work with.

Way back in the first ten years (1960-70) we floated our way through a nature programme together with the old ITMA actor Fred Yule. Fred played Farmer Collins and Nigel his eager pupil, Tony. I think it was a ‘live’ insert into a programme called ‘How Things Began’ (Schools Radio).

By the 1970’s I had moved to adult drama. Nigel enjoyed a tense engagement in an adaptation of ‘The Collector’ by John Fowles. Judi Dench (8 months pregnant) played the victim he chloroforms and keeps in a shed until ….

A neat, nimble, wonderfully versatile actor, I have shared with him some of the best writing I have tackled. Plays like ‘Victory’ by Howard Barker, ‘Epsom Downs’ by Howard Brenton and ‘Plenty’ by David Hare.

Truthful to the text and a magical voice to conjure with …

Richard Wortley

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