Nigel Anthony Radio Plays:

Serials 1963-1997

Of the serials in which Nigel Anthony has been involved, my favourites are: Trevor Hill's production of The Hornblower Story by C.S.Forester (1979-80), The Island of Sheep by John Buchan (1983), The Count of Monte Cristo (1987) and God's Revolution, by Don Taylor: the story of the Levellers' Insurrection (1988).

The Chestnut Horse
By George Ewart Evans 5 Home 19.4.1963 17.5.1963 Nigel Anthony/Ina Ricketts/Ronald Baddiley/Arnold Peters

Bleak House
By Charles Dickens 13 Home 14.7.1963 6.10.1963 James McKechnie/William Eedle/Austin Trevor/Nigel Anthony

Polly & Oliver On Guard
By David Scott Daniell 6 Home 30.9.1963 4.11.1963 Nigel Anthony/Mary Chester/Jack Holloway/Philip Cunningham

The Stranger
By G.K. Saunders 6 Home 27.12.1963 31.1.1964 Ursula Hirst/Nigel Anthony/Carleton Hobbs/Gwen Day Burroughs

My Son, My Son
By Howard Spring 4 Home 4.9.1966 25.9.1966 Wilfred Pickles/Wilfrid Lawson/Nigel Anthony/Kevin McHugh

Porto Bello Gold
By Val Gielgud 7 Home 1.3.1967 12.4.1967 Deryck Guyler/Henry Stamper/Nigel Anthony

Of Human Bondage
By W. Somerset Maugham 5 R4 30.6.1968 28.7.1968 Hilda Kriseman/NoŽl Iliff/Nigel Anthony (Repeated 5 R4 22.10.1972)

The Joke About Hilary Spite
By Christopher Bidmead 6 R4 1.6.1970 5.7.1970 Angela Pleasence/Nigel Anthony

The Lady Of The Camellias
By Alexandre Dumas The Younger 4 R4 29.12.1974 19.1.1975 Gary Bond/Sarah Badel/John Rye/Nigel Anthony (Repeated 3.9.1978 24.9.1978)

The Hornblower Story - 'Mr. Midshipman Hornblower'
By C.S. Forester 5 R4 23.10.1979 20.11.1979 Nigel Anthony/Ronald Herdman/Nicholas Fry (see Trevor Hill's page).

The Hornblower Story - 'Hornblower & The Hotspur'
By C.S. Forester 5 R4 29.1.1980 26.2.1980 Nigel Anthony/Terence Skelton/John Franklyn-Robbins

The Island Of Sheep
By John Buchan 3 R4 23.1.1983 6.2.1983 Nigel Anthony/John Rowe/Geoffrey Matthews/Sandra Clark

A Story - With Pictures
By Colin Shaw 6 R4 16.10.1983 20.11.1983 Freddie Jones/Kate Binchy/James Bryce/Nigel Anthony/Amanda Murray

The Astonishing Story of Troy
By Town Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch 3 R4 10.3.1985 24.3.1985 Edward de Souza/Peggy Ann Wood/Christopher Douglas/Nigel Anthony

The Count of Monte Cristo
By Alexandre Dumas 7 R4 23.8.1987 4.10.1987 Andrew Sachs/Geoffrey Matthews/Nigel Anthony/Paul Gregory/Melinda Walker/Steve Hodson/Leslie Sands

God's Revolution (Docudrama)
By Don Taylor 12 R4 7.10.1988 23.12.1988 Nigel Anthony/Eric Allan/William Eedle/David March/Christian Rodska/Bernard Hepton (see Don Taylor's page).

The War of the End of the World
By Mario Vargas Llosa 4 R4 30.1.1994 20.2.1994 Jack Klaff/Nigel Anthony/Christian Rodska/William Eedle/Carolyn Backhouse/Peter Whitman

Master & Commander
By Patrick O' Brien 6 R4 6.4.1995 11.5.1995 Michael Troughton/Nigel Anthony/Frances Jeater/Lloyd Johnson/Gavin Muir

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