BBC Radio Plays from 1971

Mystery thriller by Victor Canning, adapted by A. Elliott Cannon. With Kerry Francis, Andree Melly, Hector Ross, Patrick Tull, Clifford Norgate, Edward Kelsey. Richard Griffiths also appeared in a minor part. Producer David Geary.

by George Bernard Shaw, narrated by Denys Hawthorne; with William Sylvester, Alan Gifford, Kevin Flood, Kate Binchy, June Tobin, and Derry Power; produced by John Gibson. 26 Feb 71, Afternoon Theatre.

Blanco Posnet stands accused of horse-theft, a crime punishable by hanging. His fate rests on the testimony of Feemy, the local prospitute..

Shaw's Western one-act play was refused a performance license by the Lord Chamberlain because it dealt openly with prostitution. Shaw discussed the experience at great length in a preface to the play, which can be found at http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Shewing-up_of_Blanco_Posnet/Preface

The novel by Rupert Croft adapted by Giles Cooper

With Marjorie Westbury & Tim Seeley

Time: shortly after the war.£800,000.00 is quite a lot of money.
What would you do with it if such a windfall came your way?
Katharine Riddle hadn't a clue until she met a strange young man
and with him formed the company of Riddle & Rapier, money
spenders unlimited!

Mr.Riddle Arthur Ridley
His daughters:Katharine  Marjorie Westbury
Eleanor-Noel Hood
Maud-Olga Dickie
His Sons In-law:
Herbert Wylt-Fraser  John Justin
Gordon Milton-Derek Prentice
Tim Seeley
Eric Farmer-Lionel Gamlin
Percival-David Valla
Mr.Spaull- Middleton Woods
Jill-Geraldine Newman
Croupier-Guy DeMonceau
Produced by Archie Campbell

6 Mar 71. Adventure story, slightly dated in style, 90m, adapted by Diana Morgan and Patrick Hampshire from the novel "Frossau" (sp?) by Anthony Hope. An English Lord decides to buy a small tropical island. He doesn't realise the events which his action will trigger.

With Barry Justice, Elizabeth Proud, Sarah Coward, John Gabriel, Gerald Cross, Monica Vasilu, Alec Mango, Nick Hoy, Sean Battatt, John Theocharis, Edward Kelsey, Sean Arnold, Patrick Tull, David Valor. Producer Archie Campbell.

23/05/71 The General’s Dog

A play by Heinar Kipphardt translated from the German and
adapted for radio by Michael Bullock.

With Marius Goring, Kenneth Griffith, William Fox and
Anthony Jacobs.

Heinar Kipphardt (born 1922) is one of Germany's leading
younger playWright
s. The General's Dog, first performed in
1962, is a witty attempt to illuminate the problem of war guilt
through the exploration of a minor and basically ludicrous

Hill Director of Prosecutions-Hector Ross
Rampf, Author, formerly a General
Commanding a division on the Eastern
Front-William Fox
Proffessor Schweiggis, Historian Anthony Jacobs
Graubunder, Defence Counsel John Dearth
Dr. Fillisch, Public Prosecutor Preston Lockwood
Capt. Vorderwuhlbeck, General Rampf's
Adjutant John Baddeley
Schievland, former Divisional
Chaplain Austin Trevor
Pfeiffer, proprietor of a lending library,
Formerly a private in General Rampf's
Division - Marius Goring
Cpl Czymek-Kenneth Griffith
Schlindler Geoffrey Mathews
Partisan Franz Timothy Harley
An Infantry Captain Duncan McIntyre
Lt. Faber Michael Deacon
Paschke Gordon Faith
Col. Fahizogen John Westbrook
Produced by Martin Esslin

06/06/71 The Fifth Column

By Ernest Hemingway

A play of the Spanish Civil War adapted for the radio by Peggy

With Patrick Allen

"We're in for 50 years of undeclared war and I've signed up for
the duration. I don't exactly remember when it was but I've
signed up all right."
Dorothy Liane Aukin
Preston Kerry Francis
Manager Roger Delgado
Philip Patrick Allen
Anita Carolyn Jones
Antonio Leonard Fenton
First Comrade Desmond McNamara
Second Comrade
Waiter Jeremy Mason
Petra Kathleen Helme
Aide Jeffrey Shankley
General Jon Rollason
Civilian George Wooley

Singing by the boys of Tudor Grange Grammar School

Produced by Anthony Cornish

23/06/71 The Outbreak

By Arthur Swinson

With Simon Lack as the M O H

It seemed to be trichinosis - so pork was the likely suspect and
the first victim had been eating pork sausages....

Dr. John Fearnbank Simon Lack
Rosemary Pamela Craig
Dr. Gillian Fisher Sheila Mitchell
Mrs. Milford Sheelah Wilcocks
Dr. Peter Lake Eric Alan
Sieddon Peter Hill
Mrs. Wilcox Eva Stuart
Dr. Ian Hayman Nigel Anthony
Mr. Pooley Ronald Herdman
Carol Sarah Grazebrook
Mr. Everitt Lewis Stringer
Ackroyd Bartlett Mullins

Produced by David Geary

03/07/71 The English Correspondence

By Aubrey Feist

1804 with Bonaparte's grand army encamped on the cliffs of
Boulougne and England in danger of imminent invasion, the
quiet Sussex village of Southdean becomes the unlikely setting
for espionage, treason and betrayal.

With Stephen Thorne and Patricia Gallimore

Captain Ireton Stephen Thorne
Anne Truscott Patricia Gallimore
Corinthia Truscott Elizabeth Proud
Pierre de Corval Ronald Forfar
Sir John Saddler Alexander John
Betsy Carole Potter
Mr.Pitt Leslie Heritage
Mr. Wicks James Taylor
Cornet Brown Roger Gale
Lieutenant Pringle John Samson

Produced by Roger Pine

04/07/71 The Leopard And The Lillies

By Robert Hardy

The story of Henry V told in the words of the people of
his own time.

With Robert Hardy as the storyteller and Michael Williams as
Henry V.

Titus Livius John Richmond
Richard II Nigel Lambert
Thomas Walsingham Gerald Cross
Enguerrand de Monstrelet Heron Carvic
Thomas Elmham Sean Arnold
Monk of St. Denys Gordon Faith
M de st Remy William Fox

Research assistance by Wendy Garcin

5 Jul 71. Monday Play. Set in a feudal village in England in the Middle Ages. By Jean Morris. Cast: Sheila Grant, Betty Bascombe, Kate Binchy, Rolf Lefevre, Peter Pratt, John Hollis, David Valor, Sean Barratt, Edward Kelsey, Anthony Higginson, Olwyn Griffiths, Jo Manning Wilson. Music selected and composed by David Kane. Lute played by Julian Byzantine.

The radiophonic score was by Delia Derbyshire of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. (apologies for any spelling mistakes- I have had to take the names of the cast from the recording)

Down By The Greenwood Side....1971
11 Jul 71. A Dramatic Pastoral by Harrison Birtwistle; libretto by Michael Nyman. Music Theatre Production from the 1969 Brighton Festival.

Mrs Green - Jenny Hill (Soprano)
Father Christmas-Michael Poole
St. George - Michael Furneaux
Slasher - Christopher Owen
Doctor - Roland Jaquarello
Jack Finney - Ben Benison
Judith Pearce -flute, alto flute, piccolo
Alan Hacker -Clarinets
Brian Sewell -Bassoon -Cornet
Roger Groves -Base Trombone
John Fletcher -Euphonium
Andrew McGee -Violin
Jennifer Ward Clarke -Cello
Keith Millar -Percussion
Conducted by -David Atherton
Repetiteur -Henry Ward
Introduced by -Michael Nyman

To Damascus (Part 1)....1971.
Not a barrel of laughs. By August Strindberg. With Stephen Murray & Zena Walker. Begun in 1898 while Strindberg was recovering from a mental breakdown, the play deals in dream or nightmare form with the author's difficulties, his marriages and his struggle towards a new religious belief.

Narrator - Michael Friend
The Stranger -Steven Murray
The Lady -Zena WalkerThe Beggar (who appears in different guise as
The Confessor- Edward Kelsey
The Doctor-John Rye
Caeser-Brian Hewlett
The Mother-Eva Stuart
The Old Man-John Ruddock
The Abbess-Sheila Grant
Special Sound And Music by Malcolm Clarke of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
Produced by Charles Lefaux.

To Damascus (Part 2)....1971
By August Strindberg. 11 Jul 71.
With Stephen Murray & Zena Walker
Narrator-Michael Friend
The Confessor who appears in different guise
as the Beggar-Edward Kelsey
The Mother-Eva Stuart
The Stranger-Steven Murray
The Lady-Zena Walker
Caeser-Brian Hewlett
The Doctor-John Rye
A Professor-John Ruddock
A Whore-Olwen Griffiths
Sylvia -Elizabeth Proud
The Tempter-John Gabriel
The Prior-Trevor Martin
Fr. Meichler-John Ruddock
Special Sound And Music by Malcolm Clarke
Produced by Charles Lefaux.

17/07/71 The Centurion
A radio play by Arthur Swinson

The attacks made by the Vicar of St.Luke's upon his parishoners
during his sermons of which he is quite unaware, cause great
concern in the diocese. The solution links the days of the Roman
Occupation of Britain with the present.

Rev. Michael Grant  John Pullen
Betty Grant Jan Edwards
Gordon Talbot  Malcolm Hayes
The Bishop Carleton Hobbs
Janet                                                Marjorie Westbury
Rev. Henry King                                Dennis McCarthy
James Neill                                        Basil Jones
Jill Harrison                                Eva Haddon
Julia Stringer                                Gretta Gouriet
Miss Appleby                                Betty Hardy
Canon Quintus                                Francis De Wolff

Producer        Joe Burroughs

18/07/71 Victorian Portrait - Karl Marx the Family Man

An account of the domestic life of the Marx family, based on
contemporary letters and documents by Olga Franklin.

Anthony Jacobs as Karl Marx
Olive Gregg as his wife Jenny
and Betty Hardy, Paul Harris, Denys Hawthorne, Bill Horsley,
Preston Lockwood, Michael McLain, Wolfe Morriss, Ann
Murray and Margaret Robertson.

Narrator Dennis Goacher

Producer Dorothy Baker

21/07/71 Listeners
By Brian Hayles
As a samaritan Arnold Metcalfe has grown accustomed to
helping strangers. When his wife suspects that he needs help
she enlists the help of Inspector Lench.

Arnold Metcalfe John Bott
Helen Metcalfe Ursula O'Leary
Inspector Lench John Malcolm
Constable Parker Brian Miller
Jo Barry McGinn
Desk Seargeant  George Woolley

Producer James Duckett

The Tragedy of Macbeth....1971
-By William Shakespeare. 25 Jul 71.
The first stereo production of this play
With Joss Ackland as MacBeth
Googie Withers as Lady MacBeth
Robert Hardy as MacDuff
Music By Stephen Dodgson
Conducted by Rae Jenkins

Written in 1606, and first printed in the folio of 1623, it is one of the shortest of Shakespeare's plays. This enabled the BBC to broadcast a nearly complete text omitting only the two Hecat scenes (probably written by Middleton), and including what may well be the missing scene: It occurs in a 1664 Restoration adaptation of MacBeth by Shakespeare's godson Sir William Davenant, who based it on a playhouse prompt copy, different from that produced in the folio of 1623.

Second Witch-Lewis Stringer
Third Witch-Gladys Spencer
A Sergeant-Henry Stamper
Duncan 1, King Of Scotland-Richard Hurndall
Malcolm his elder son-John Rye
Thane Of Ross-Sean Arnold
Thane Of Lennox-Kerry Francis
MacBeth, Thane Of Glamis, a General-Joss Ackland
Banquo, a General-Clifford Norgate
Thane Of Angus-Gerald Cross
Lady MacBeth-Googie Withers
Seyton, attendant on MacBeth-Trevor Martin
Fleance, son of Banquo -Barnaby Williams
Porter -Henry Stamper
MacDuff Thane Of Fife-Robert Hardy
Donalbain, younger son of Duncan-Nigel Anthony
An Old Man-John Ruddock
First Murderer-Edward Kelsey
Second Murderer-Ronald Herdman
Gentlewoman, attendant on Lady MacBeth -Betty Baskcomb
MacDuff's Wife -Eva Stuart
Son Of MacDuff -Toby Daniels
A Doctor-John Ruddock
Seyward, Earl Of Northumberland -Douglas Blackwell
Young Seyward-Nigel Anthony
Arranged for Stereo and Produced by Raymond Raikes.

04/09/71 The Gentle People

By Irwin Shaw
Adapted for radio by Howard Rose

With Vic Wise as Jonah Goodman
and George Coulouris as Philip Anagnos
Scene: a pier on Coney Island near New York.
There is a breaking point in human endurance when even the
mildest man, goaded beyond its limits, will rise to assert his
liberties. Woe then, to the Tyrant and the bully!

Harrold Goff Kerry Francis
Magruder Patrick Tull
Stella Goodman  Valerie Colgan
Eli Lieber Robert Howay
Flaherty  Harry Towb
Pianist Arthur Tatler
Producer Archie Campbell

15/09/71 Hijack At Penrose Gardens

A new comedy for radio by Rodney Tibbs

When Albert buys an old aircraft fuselage in which he can act out
his life-long ambition of being an airline pilot, he means it to be
just a harmless hobby; but his attempts at realism are more
succesful than he intended.

Albert Skeffington Haydn Jones
Mabel Skeffington Sheelah Wilcocks
Maurice Nigel Anthony
The Vicar Malcolm Rogers
Alexis Carstairs(Aviation Official) Douglas Blackwell
Adrian Titmarsh(County Planning Official) Alan Haines
The Sardinian Ambassador Lewis Stringer
Mrs. Stoatley-Manners Lala Lloyd
Mrs.Mountjoy Olwen Griffiths
Air Traffic Controller Anthony Higginson
His Colleague  Sean Barrett

Producer Margaret Etall

The House On Highbury Hill....1971
16 Sep 71. A comedy for radio by Piers Paul Read. Music composed by Julian Slade. With Richard O'Callaghan, Pauline Collins, Maria Aitken.

Casimir has just left a seminary, without becoming a priest. He goes to a house on Highbury Hill and there meets two sisters. The choice between the spirit and the flesh is not an easy one - for Casimir still has a conscience. Stereo drama.

Narrator-John Rye
Casimir, a young man-Richard O'Callaghan
Mrs. Anderson, a friend of his mother's -Betty Huntley Wright
Ethel, her elder daughter-Maria Aitken
Marigold, her second daughter-Pauline Collins
Mrs. Hendrikson, a philanthropic widow-Gladys Spenser
George, a Priest-David Valla
Another Priest, an Irishman-Sean Barrett
Pianist-Philip Challis
Producer-John Tydeman

18/09/71 Home From Home

By Eric MacDonald
With Gudrun Ure

"Two Tales: an attempted murder, an attempted suicide and yet
you're still with us, Miss Anne. I know what I think my
circumstances are beginning to improve by the minute."

Anne  Gudrun Ure
Margaret Margot Boyd
Maude Eva Haddon
Cook Sheila Grant
Mrs. Burton  Colette O'Neil
Mr. Dutton Duncan McIntyre
Andrew  Sean Barrett
Silver Elizabeth Proud

Producer Colin Tucker

The Death Of Anton Webern....1971
3 Oct 71. A Counterpoint of voices. By James Schevill. With music by Anton Webern and Humphrey Searle.

Anton Webern, the great Austrian composer, died by a cruel misunderstanding in 1945. James Schevill's sequence of poems retells the story with the voices of those involved. Humphrey Searle, who was a pupil of Webern, has selected music by Webern and composed additional music.

Anton Webern-John Gabriel
The Poet-Sara Coward
The Daughter-Jane Knowles
The Son In Law-Sean Barrett
The Cook-Edward Kelsey
The Sergeant-Kerry Francis
The Wife-Margot Boyd
The Cook's Wife -Betty Baskcomb
The Conductor-Trevor Martin
Music played by members of the Sinfonia of London, conducted by Humphrey Searle.
Singer-Jane Manning
Pianist -Susan Bradshaw
Producer-Martin Esslin

11/10/71 Bump In The Night

Adapted for radio by Mathew Walters from the novel by
Colin Watson
"I think the police ought to be looking for someone who might
have been sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit."
"Well that ought to be a lot easier in Chalmesbury than looking
for all the people who haven't been sent to prison for crimes
they  did commit."

Sgt. Worple Edward Kelsey
Cllr Pointer Godfrey Kenton
Stan Biggadyke Ronald Herdman
Mr.Hoole Malcom Hayes
                        Mrs. Courtney Snell                        Yvette Rees
                        Mr.Grope                                        Anthony Higginson
                        Mr.Kebble                                        Rolf Lefebvre
                        Leonard                                        Brian Hewlett
                        Ch. Insp. Larch                                Michael Kilgarriff
                        Harding                                        Ronald Herdman
                        Mulvaney                }
                        Cllr Linnet                }                        Sean Barrett
                        Chief Constable                                William Fox
                        Ch.Insp.Purbright                                John Pullen
                        Mr. Payne                                        James Thomason
                        Coroner                                        Ronald Herdman
                        Mrs.Biggadyke                                Yvette Rees
                        Hilda Larch                                        Sheila Grant
                        Mrs.Pointer                }
                        Mrs. Crispin                }                Betty Baskcomb

                        Producer                Harry Catlin

18/10/71        Unquiet Conscience
                        By Philip Barker
                        With Tony Britton
                        "Lundy was an outsider, not one of us - a ready made scapegoat
                        for something unclean"

                        Michael Reed                                Tony Britton
                        Jenny                                                Anna Michaels
                        Len Culpin                                        Douglas Blackwell
                        Danville                                        William Eedle
                        Brooke                                        Peter Tuddenham
                        Farr                                                Norman Claridge
                        Mrs.Ames                                        Eva Stuart
                        Lucy Culpin                                        Madi Hedd
                        Jack Goodwin                                Martin Friend
                        Mrs. Brooke                                        Olwen Griffiths
                        Robert Hewitt                                Nigel Anthony
                        Det-Insp.Carter                                Robert Cawdron
                        Receptionist                                Jo Manning Wilson
                        Garage Attendant                                David Valla
                        Police Seargeant                                Robin Browne
                        Producer                Betty Davies

13/11/71        The Third Man

                                Edward Bishop as Rollo Martin,  and
                                Ian Hendry as Harry Lime        in
                                The Third Man by Grahame Greene
                                Adapted from the screenplay by Richard Wortley
                                With John Bentley as Colonel Calloway
                                And Ann Lyn as Anna
                        Rollo Martin, writer of Westerns is invited to Vienna to join his
                        friend Harry Lime on a new enterprise. He is unpleasantly
                        surprised both by the enterprise and by the news that his friend
                        is dead.
                                Harry Lime's Porter                        William Fox
                                Sgt Paine        }
                                Dr. Winkel        }                                Henry Stamper
                                Tombs                                                Geoffrey Beevers
                                Carter                                        Leslie Heritage
                                Kurtz                                                Denis McCarthy
                                Tyler                                                Peter Marinker
                                Hansl                   }
                                Austrian Woman}                                Olwen Griffiths
                                German Hotel Porter                        John Samson
                                Producer        Richard Wortley

21/11/71 Beyond The Black Stump

By Neville Shute adapted by Stephen Grenfell.
Rosemary Miller, Edward Bishop and David Spenser
A young man from the old Frontier of the American West comes to the new frontier lands of the Australian outback to search for oil...

David Cope David Spenser, Jane Regan Dorothy Smith, The Judge Walter Fitzgerald, Pat Regan J G Devlin, Mollie Regan Rosemary Miller, Mr. Laird Patrick Barr, Stanton Laird Edward Bishop, Helen Laird Brenda Dunrich, Chuck Sheraton Jerry Stovin, Spencer Rasmussen Stephen Thorne, Jerry Bruce Beeby, Dr. Gordon Frederick Treves, Ted Alan Haines, Ruth Sheraton Mary Wimbush, Tony Sheraton Peter Bartlett, Miss Froxfield Barbara Mitchell, Producer Betty Davies.

21/11/71        The Brickfield
                                By L P Hartley        adapten by Guy Vaesen
                                With Denys Blakelock and Martin Jarvis
                                (0299A THE BRICKFIELD  21/11/71)
                                (0299B THE BRICKFIELD(PT.2) 21/11/71)
                                (0299C THE BRICKFIELD(PT.3) 21/11/71)

                        'I Don't want my life to seem like a jigsaw puzzle with one piece
                        missing - the most important piece. I know what it is but other
                        people don't. Without the clue it wouldn't make sense.

                                Denys                                                Martin Jarvis
                                Richard                                        Denys Blakelock
                                Esther                                        Barbara Mitchell
                                Young Richard                                Nigel Anthony
                                Ada                                                Ann Murray
                                Mother                                        Noel Hood
                                Father                                        Lockwood West
                                Dr. Butcher                                        Humphrey Morton
                                Carrie                                        Beth Boyd
                                Headmaster                                        Bernard Brown
                                Hal                                                David Brierley
                                Lucy                                                Sian Davis
                                Mrs Soames                                        Michael Harbour
                                James                                                Leroy Lingwood
                                Coroner                                        Michael Harbour
                                Miss Froxfield                                Barbara Mitchell
                                Producer        Guy Vaesen

24/11/71        The Traitor

                                By Adrienne Mans
                                Translated by Arnold Hinchliffe
                                With Geoffrey Beevers

                        In May 1940 German troops occupied Holland and a guerilla
                        army - the Dutch Resistance - came into being. To young man
                        like Jan Veenstra the choice seemed clear - the Germans were
                        evil and must be destroyed. But he soon learned that the enemy
                        was not so easily defined.
                                Jan                                                 Geoffrey Beevers
                                Jan as a child                                Olwen Griffiths
                                Jan's Mother                                Jane Knowles
                                Alexa as a child                                Sheila Grant
                                Spokesman of German High in Command
                                                                                Leslie Heritage
                                Ribbentrop                                        Gerald Cross
                                Announcer                                        David Gooderson
                                British Soldier                                Leslie Heritage
                                British Officer                                William Fox
                                Levi                                                Martin Friend
                                German Sentry                                Anthony Higginson
                                Kees                                                Eva Haddon
                                Cleaner                                        Olwen Griffiths
                                Matron                                        Sheila Grant
                                Partisan                                        Anthony Higginson
                                German Soldier                                David Gooderson
                                Producer                Kay Patrick

28/11/71        The Betrayal

                                By L P Hartley
                                Adapted by Guy Vaesen
                                With Denys Blakelock, Martin Jarvis and
                                Irene Sutcliffe

                        "No - not murder:  Don't say murder!"
                        "What was it then?. Morally? Oh I know you were acquitted
                        . . . But you knew. Or why should you so desperately need
                        to tell me?
                        For the sake of truth. For the shadow of the thing to be thrown
                        across my name. When you speak so glibly, so easily about
                        something so hidden, you frighten me."

                                Denys                                                Martin Jarvis
                                Richard                                        Denys Blakelock
                                Lucilla                                        Irene Sutcliffe
                                Mrs Cuddesdon                                Alexa Romanes
                                Mrs Stonegappe                                Sheelagh Wilcocks
                                Pat                                                Sian Davies
                                Dr. Herbright                                Bernard Brown
                                Berto Ferrere                                Douglas Rankin
                                Miss Tramter                                Gudrun Ure
                                Mr SmallCross                                David Brierley
                                Victor                                        Alexander John
                                Nurse Haslett                                Sian Davies
                                Aunt Carrie                                        Beth Boyd
                                Producer                Guy Vaesen
                                (Orig. broadcast in 1967)

04/12/71 We the Accused

By Ernest Raymond. Adapted by Denis Constandurous.
Peter Jeffrey as Paul Pressett and Ann Bell as Myra Bawne.
Pauline Letts as Mrs.Pressett. A classic story of love and Murder and time; London in the 1930s.
Annie Olwen Griffiths, Inglewood and Council for the Prosecution Madhav Sharma, Headmaster and Council for the Defence William Fox, Briscoll Ronald Herdman, Mrs. Briscoll Hazel Coppen, Dr. Waterhall and Clerk Of The Court Martin Friend, Insp. Boltro and Foreman Of Jury Anthony Higginson, PC Geoffrey Larder, Judge Lewis Stringer, Prison Governor Michael Burrell, A Warder Nigel Anthony, Hangman Edward Kelsey, Producer Martin Jenkins.

19/12/71        Mr Norris Changes Trains

                                By Christopher Isherwood
                                Adapted by Eric Ewens

                                With Robert Eddison as Arthur Norriss
                                Tim Seeley as William Bradshaw
                                The place: Berlin 1930-33
                        Despite  his questionable credentials and ridiculous pretensions
                        one could hardle imagine a more engaging or plausible old rogue
                        than 'Arthur Norris - Gent' - certainly none more qualified
                        to guide an impressionable youg Englishman through the
                        underworld of pre-Hitler Berlin.

                        Schmidt, a confidential secretary        Wolfe Morris
                        Helen Pratt, a Journalist                Eva Haddon
                        Baron Von Pregnitz, an acquaintance        Geoffrey Wincott
                        Fraulein Schroder a landlady                Lilly Kann
                        Ludwig Bayer a communist organiser        George Pravda
                        German Official        }
                        Waiter                        }                Manfred Morgan
                        Policeman                }
                        Train waiter                }                Gertan Klauber
                        Porteress                                        Martina Mayne
                        Anni, a cabaret artist                        Irene Praedor
                        Producer                Archie Campbell

04/12/71 The Stowaway
By Stephen Mulrine
When a Stowaway is discovered on board SS Glorianna As she leaves Piraeus, unexpected complications follow very quickly.

Teddy Johnson as Captain Panton Callum Mill as Comander Miller
Stacey Clem Ashby, Diterides E.J.P.Mace, Tumble Charles Kearney, McBride Donald Bain, Jardine Roy Boutcher, Arturo Arthur Boland Mander Peter Kelly, Producer Eddie Fraser.
25/12/71 Cry Wolf By Val Gielgud
Freely adapted from some short stories by Saki
Grizelda Hervey, Jean Matheson, Mary Wimbush Norman Shelly and Christopher Guinee as Clovis.

Many years ago when Romance accompanied the fabled Orient Express its passengers included Spies, King's Messengers, Millionaires and Titled Ladies of great beauty. Often they had Strange tales to tell...
The Baroness Grizeld Hervey, Strudwarden Norman Shelley, Lena Jean Matheson, Peasant Woman Mary Wimbush, Bilsiter David Jarrett, Mary Hampton Betty Baskcomb, Col. Hampton Gerald Cross, Lord Pabham Michael Kilgarrif, Mrs Hooper Eva Stuart, Eshley Lewis Stringer, Adela Katharine Parr, Elsie Sheila Grant, Van Cheele Leslie Heritage, The Boy David Gooderson, Miss Van Cheele Betty Baskcomb, Amalie Eva Stuart, Baron Gruebel Gerald Cross, Conrad Michael Kilgarrif, Special wolf effects by Malcolm Clarke of The BBC Radiophonic workshop.
Producer Graham Gauld.

25/12/71 My Father's Mantle
By Heddy E Rossi adapted by Margaret Etall.
Maxine Audley, Austin Trevor & Frederick Treves

The fate of Europe might have been different if the Emperor Frederick of Germany, who succeeded to the throne in 1888 Had lived. He was an enlightened and liberal man and would certainly have prevented the rivalry
Great Britain which Launched his son William II on the road to World War 1.

Narrator Godfrey Kenton, Fritz (Crown prince Frederick, Later Emperor Frederic III Of Germany) Austin Trevor, Vicky(lCrown princess Victoria, later Empress Victoria) Maxine Audley, Princess Moretta of Prussia Patricia Gallimore, Sandro(Prince Alexander of Battenberg) Gabriel Woolf, Baron Kaminsky Garrard Green Countess Rattern Kathleen Helme, Willy(Prince William of Prussiia , later Emperor William II) Frederick Treves, Proffessor Wegener John Gabriel, Proffessor Schroder Charles Simon, His Excellency James Thomason, Proffessor Bergmann Hector Ross, Dr. Mackenzie Duncan McIntyre, Eulenberg Clifford Norgate, Kiddern Wilfred Carter, Queen Victoria Margot Boyd, Producer Martin Esslin.

compiled by G.S / Diversity website

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