Pauline Harris Radio Plays

29.07.08 The Tiger Hunt (based on life of Wm. Blake)
04.04.05 Lessons for the loveless
09.02.05 The lives and loves of Lorenzo da Ponte
14.02.04 Man of all work
29.01.04 The Old Wives' Tale (Arnold Bennett)
15.01.04 Sally go round the moon (Natalia Power)


The Tyger Hunt (sic)....2008
29 Jul 08. Lavinia Murray's play imagines a surreal day in the life of the young William Blake. With a runaway tiger on the loose, William is out with his sketch pad to capture the magic of a truly enchanting and extraordinary afternoon.

William ...... Barney Clark
Mrs Blake/Mary Capper/Smock race runner ...... Pippa Haywood
Mr Blake/Broadsheet yeller/Innkeeper ...... David Fleeshman
Tol Tiddle Doll/Matchsyick seller ....... Jonathan Keeble
Ann Capper/Corncutter ...... Kathryn Hunt
Dog/Drunk/Bellows mender ...... Seamus O'Neill
Music consultant: Philip Tagney.
Produced by Pauline Harris.

By Richard Cameron. Four disaffected teenagers and their drama teacher are putting together a play based on the speech from "As You Like It", on the Seven Ages of Man. Crises of different kinds hit each of the characters. We hear their thoughts as they sort themselves out. With Robert Pickavance, Rachel Brogan, Charlie Ryan, Rhea Bailey, Elliott Tittensor. Producer-Director Pauline Harris.

Lorenzo was Mozart's librettist, but he had a zest for life which enabled him to pack three lifetimes' experiences into his 70-odd years. He was raised in obscurity but found his way into the priesthood, and his life was full of intrigue and adventure. By Paul Dodgson. With Gerald Harper, Robert Pickavance, Bertie Carvel, Paul Dodgson (as Mozart), Tom George, Alexander Delamere, Julie Routhwaite, Adam Paulden. Afternoon play, 45m.

Man of all Work....2004
By Richard Wright, 14 Feb 04. Saturday play. Just how far will a man go to provide for his family? Richard Wright's bitingly funny play centres on Carl, a black man in 1950s America struggling to make ends meet for his family.

Turning on its head the view held by some whites that 'blacks all look the same', Carl adopts the name of his wife, Lucy, and poses as a female maid, securing a position in a white family. The performance is all too convincing for the father of the house, who tries to make Carl submit to the sexual advances that have driven away his predecessor. Through the wife's outrage, which turns to violent retribution, Carl identifies the articulation of race and gender that characterises this period of America's history.

Carl ...... Paterson Joseph
Dave ...... John Sharian
Lucy ...... Nicola Hughes
Rosie ...... Josie Kook-Clark
Henry ...... Anton Rice
Anne ...... Barbara Barnes
Revised for radio by Lavinia Murray.
Produced by Pauline Harris.

The Old Wives' Tale....2004
By Arnold Bennett, 29 Jan 04. 15 episodes, 15m each.

Constance ...... Gillian Kearney,
Samuel Povey ...... Ian Dunn,
Daniel Povey ...... Declan Wilson,
The Narrator ...... Philip Jackson,
Mr. Critchlow ...... Stephen Critchlow,
Maria Inshull ...... Rachel Atkins,
Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt,
Directed by Pauline Harris.

Sally Go Round The Moon....2004
15 Jan 04. By Natalia Power. A chilling short drama. 11pm. Are the pressures of her job the reason Sally is hearing the voice of a child which no-one else can hear? Or is she being haunted?

Sally ...... Jaimi Barbakoff
Voice ...... Jessica Crossley
Laura ...... Rachel Atkins
Receptionist ...... Frances Jeater
Stacey Wilson ...... Ioan Meredith
Simon ...... David Thorpe
Pianist and Musical Director: Clement Power
Director: Pauline Harris.

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