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Peter Windows was producer of The Archers for several years and involved with a host of programmes: Woman's Hour in the late 70s and early 80s, lots of features, On Your Farm, Person to Person and other phone-ins, Book at Bedtime and a large number of radio plays...

By Tom Webster. Sat 16 Sep 89. Detective thriller. With Alan Parnaby [Detective Sergeant Adam Gedling], Geoffrey Matthews [Chief Inspector 'Tug' Wilson], Claire Faulconbridge [Helen Kodali], Edwin Richfield [Howard Croft, a Freelance Journalist], Roger Hume [Ken Atwood], Kim Durham [Bill], John Dixon [Steve], Hedli Niklaus [Sally], Jo Kendall [Lorna], Philip Sully [Kenny], and Joe Dunlop [The Chief Superintendent]. Other parts played by members of the cast. Directed by Peter Windows in the BBC Pebble Mill Studios. (.... Jim)

By John Pilkington. 60-minute original drama, R4, directed at BBC Pebble Mill and on location by Peter Windows, 1987.

THE TICKET....1986
By Tom Webster, writing under the name David Bannister. 08/05/86, R4. The idea for the play was based on an event known to the author: a man has a ticket for the Blackpool - Bolton Cup Final of 1953; then he dies. What happens to the ticket?

A stage version of the play was also written but not produced. The last scene takes place at Wembley Stadium; by no means impossible to stage in this hi-tech age....

Stanley Matthews once contacted Pebble Mill to get hold of a copy of this play....

Cast: Alan Parnaby, Judith Barker, Edward Kelsey, Bert Parnaby, Susie brown, Shelley Stellfox, Patricia Green, Francis Middleditch, Jamie Roberts, Keith Clifford, Kathryn Hurlbutt, Richard Durden, Jane Dowell. Directed in Birmingham by Peter Windows.

26 Nov 84 A Book at Bedtime - Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds
By R. S. SURTEES abridged in 15 parts by Archie Campbell. Read by John Franklyn-Robbins. 1: Our Hero. When an inheritance is suddenly snatched away from him, Mr Facey Romford has to begin his life afresh. Producer Peter Windows; BBC Birmingham.

2.6.1984, by T.D. Webster, SNT. 90 minute play set in the 80s but whose roots lie in France during WW2. Outstanding play along the lines of "For Elise", by John Bird. Nigel Davenport, Isabell Dean, John Rowe, Geoffrey Collins, Carole Boyd, George Pravda, Geoffrey Matthews, Graham Patten, Natasha Pyne, Crawford Logan. Produced in Birmingham by Peter Windows. The play was favourably reviewed by John Wain in 'The Listener'.

27 Mar 84 The Journal of a Disappointed Man
By W. N. P. BARBELLION adapted for radio by DEBORAH SING MASTER. Barbellion, real name Bruce Cummings, was a talented naturalist who died in 1919, at the age of 30, from multiple sclerosis. In his journal, he records his childhood ambition to be a great scientist, his fascination with the world around him, his love of life and his inevitable decline. Trevor Eve as Barbellion, with HARRY STAMPER, HEATHER BARRETT, TIMOTHY BATESON, BRETT USHER, MARCO FERRARO, PETER ACRE, COLIN STARKEY. Producer PETER WINDOWS, BBC Birmingham.

17 Mar 84 Saturday-Night Theatre - Inspector Ghote Hunts the Peacock
By GEOFFREY M MATTHEWS based on the novel by H. R F. KEATING. Insp Ganesh Ghote of the Bombay CID is on his first trip to London, to attend a conference on drugs smuggling. But scarcely have his feet touched the ground than he is caught up in a baffling new case. A beautiful young girl is missing. A famous pop star is the chief suspect, but the evidence is far from conclusive. Insp Ghote .......... Sam Dastor, Vidur Datta .......... Garard Green, Mira Datta .......... Ursula Mohan, Inspector Smart .......... Geoffrey Matthews, Jill Rimmer .......... Sarah Neville, Johnny Bull .......... Michael Praed, kefkar/Goodhuis .......... Henry Stamper, Protima/Sandra .......... Carole Boyd, Robin .......... Alan Dudley, Reen .......... Moir Leslie, Pat .......... Kathryn Hurlbutt, Ada .......... Shirley Stelfox, Billy .......... Colin Starkey, Singh/Pete/Marc .......... Terry Molloy, DJ/Waiter .......... Dinesh Bhardwaj, Jack .......... David Vann. Song composed by Jim PARKER and WALLY K. DALY. Directed by PETER WINDOWS BBC Birmingham.

31 Dec 82, The Kellys and the O'Kellys
Adapted for radio in seven parts by BARRY CAMPBELL. Part 6: The Proposal. Lord Kilcullen, at his father's behest, pays court to Fanny. Fanny Wyndham: Sorcha Cusack, Lord Kllcullen: Sean Barrett, Lord Cashel: Jeffery Dench, Anthony Trollope: John Rye, Lady Cashel: Pauline Delany, Lady Selina Grey: Patricia Gallimore, Mat Tlerney: David Kelly, Lady George: Ysanne Churchman. Directed by PETER WINDOWS. BBC Birmingham.

19 Sep 81: Soldiers of Fortune
An account of one of the most audacious financial conspiracies ever attempted. In the summer of 1869 two American businessmen, Jay Gould and ' Jubilee ' Jim Fisk tried to corner the New York Gold Market. The prize was more wealth than they could imagine. Narrator: JOHN ROWE. Jay Gould: Peter Whitman, Jim Fisk: Blain Fairman, Henry Adams: Don Fellows, Historians: Paul Maxwell and Douglas Lambert. Other parts played by PATRICIA GALLIMORE and members of the cast. Written and produced by PETER WINDOWS. BBC Birmingham.

8 Aug 81 Thirty-Minute Theatre - Prayers for Timothy
By HADRIAN ROGERS. Betsy Boston is a concerned and caring parent who wants what she thinks is best for her son - a good education, a job, a girlfriend. She enlists outside help to achieve her aims, and she appears to be successful. Producer - PETER WINDOWS; BBC Birmingham.

21 Sep 80 The Improbable Life of Arthur Ransome
Feature. Ransome's lived from 1884-1967. The programme is based on his autobiography and on recollections from friends and acquaintances. Among those taking part are SIR RUPERT HART-DAVIS, TABITHA LEWIS, GEORGINA BATT1SCOMBE, H. MONTGOMERY HYDE and JOHN GILROY with Joss Ackland as Arthur Ransome. Producer PETER WINDOWS. BBC Birmingham.

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