Albertina, by Howard Barker

BBC Radio 3: The Sunday Play

Broadcast: Sunday 13th June 1999 @ 7:30 p.m.

In Howard Barker's play, subtitled 'The 20 Duologues', the Bishop of Albertina, a tiny state in old Europe, has proposed to Rocklaw, the town's intellectual, that all undesirables should be carried off on a Ship of Fools. But Rocklaw is plagued by jealousy when his wife follows her lover on board.

With Nicholas Le Prevost [Grodiska, an actor], Juliet Stevenson [Lyback, a wife of Albertina], Ian McDiarmid (Almut, the Bishop of Albertina], Robert Glenister [Rocklaw, an intellectual], Eleanor Tremain [Achna, a former nun of Albertina], Bill Stewart [Brun, a convicted murderer of Albertina], Gavin Muir [Banes, a begger of Albertina], Nigel Anthony [Tobigan, an adulterer of Albertina], Stephen Thorne [Dublin, a jailer of Albertina], and Deborah Berlin [Bushay, a prostitute of Abertina].

Music by Elizabeth Parker.

Director Richard Wortley.

A Catherine Bailey Production.

Re-broadcast on BBC Radio 3: The Sunday Play on Sunday 16th July 2000 @ 10:15 p.m.

100 min.


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