Alfie Elkins & His Little Life
by Bill Naughton

Bill Naughton - Alfie Elkins and His Little Life

BBC Third Programme

Broadcast: Sunday 7th January 1962

With sublime amorality Alfie swaggers and philosophises his way through " Alfie Elkins and His Little Life", as he goes from one 'bird' to another, trying hard to communicate his own brand of determined hedonism and carefully rejecting anyone or anything that might touch him too deeply. The action spans about two decades, from the beginning of World War II to the late 1950s.

In 1964, Bill Naughton turned his radio play into a stage play at London's Mermaid Theatre. Alfie was played by John Neville and Glenda Jackson was also in the cast. In 1966, Bill Naughton wrote the screenplay for "Alfie", the film version of his story which starred Michael Caine in the lead role.

With Bill Owen [Alfie Elkins], Hilda Fenemore [Ruby], Barbara Young [Annie], Norma Griffin [Elsie], Charles Leno [Fred], Joe Sterne [The Station Officer], and John Bryning [The Narrator].

Produced by Douglas Cleverdon.

Re-broadcast on Saturday 3rd February 1962 and Thursday 23rd January 1964.

70 min. Jim

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