All Night at Mr. Stanyhurst's
by Hugh Edwards

Hugh Edwards - All Night at Mr. Stanyhurst's

BBC Third Programme

Broadcast: Sunday 14th March 1954

"All Night at Mr. Stanyhurst's" is a tale within a tale. The setting is London in 1783: Cluny Stanyhurst sups late with his friend, the French Abbe, and the pretty, insolent Lucy Suffren. Strangely, a sailor joins them, and a tale is told of secret cargo from the Indies, a wreck, adventures and misfortunes in Africa. The story has meaning for all gathered in the room and they listen until dawn, touched in their anxiety by what they have heard.

Adapted by E. J. King Bull from the 1933 novel, "All Night at Mr. Stanyhurst's" by Hugh Edwards. After being long out-of-print, the novel was reissued in 1963 due to in large part from the author Ian Fleming for whom it was one of his favourite books.

With Nigel Stock [Thomas Pidgeon], Anthony Jacobs [Cluny Stanyhurst], Aubrey Mather [The French Abbe Jacotot], Denise Bryer [Blanchefleur / Little Lucy], Eric Anderson [Native], John Cazabon [Captain Calthrop], Malcolm Graham [Captain Gunther], Charles Leno [Captain Mayne], Geoffrey Matthews [Stewart], Sulwen Morgan [Julie], John Sharp [Sailor Bobby], Frank Singuineau [Black Joel], and Brian Wilde [Bosun].

Incidental music composed and directed by John Hotchkis and played by Mr. Simmons and his ad hoc Orchestra.

Music (all composed by Hotchkis) contains following songs: Dan Cupid List My Melody acc. Hotchkis (harpsichord) sung by Denise Bryer. Bell Bottomed Trousers. Sung by Brian Wilde (unacc.) also: Harpsichord solo played by John Hotchkis.

Produced by E. J. King Bull

100 min.


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