Amphitryon Two
by Titus Maccius Plautus

Titus Maccius Plautus - Amphitryon Two

BBC Third Programme

Broadcast: Sunday 17th September 1961

"Amphitryon Two" is a comedy of errors as Jupiter and Mercury appear as Amphitryon and his slave Sosia so that Jupiter can enjoy a night of love with Alcmena, Amphitryon's wife. Mercury persuades Sosia, Amphityron's slave, that he exists in two places, and Amphitryon accuses his wife of adultery; but in the end, the light of Jupiter helps Alcmena give birth to twins, and the baby Hercules kills two snakes.

Plautus' "Amphitruo" is the sole specimen of mythological burlesque in ancient comedy to come down to us in nearly complete form. This sex farce delighted Roman audiences and readers for centuries and continues to inspire adaptations to this day. Translated by Patric Dickinson into English from Titus Maccius Plautus' play, "Amphitrvo", a Roman comedy (from a Greek original) first performed around 190-185 B.C.

With Howard Marion-Crawford [Amphityron], Norman Shelley [Jupiter (disguised as Amphityron)], Valerie Hanson [Alcmena], Geoffrey Matthews [Sosia, Amphityron's Slave], Allan McClelland [Mercury (disguised as Sosia)], and Penelope Lee [Bromia, Alcmena's Maid]

Music by Thomas Eastwood and played by a section of the New Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Harry Newstone.

Produced by Raymond Raikes.

Note: This is a shortened version of program first broadcast on Friday 13th January 1961.

60 min.



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