Rhys Adrian: Angle

BBC Radio 3: Drama Now

Broadcast: Tuesday 1st July 1975 @ 9:40 p.m.

Angle is the odd name of the eponymous hero, the maverick tenant of a bed-sitter, from which his landlord is itching to evict him. The exchange between Angle and the querulous landlord are choice indeed. Outside the room Mrs. Crane's hen clucks; inside the room Angle has his wine, plays the 'cello badly and keeps a long-running diary - 31 volumes of 'A record of the times we live in.' - intended for publication but clearly not destined to achieve it. John, a man who has left Yorkshire and a wife to make his fortune in London, is the nice Northerner who shares Angle's room for a time. John reigns in his natural ebullience for a sober presentation of stoic decency.

With Freddie Jones [Angle], Peter Woodthorpe [John] and Gerald Cross [The Landlord].

Music by Olga Hegeus [Cellist].

Produced by John Tydeman

55 min.


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