DJs, Doormen and Dealers
by Jeffrey Caffrey

Jeffrey Caffrey - DJs, Doormen and Dealers

BBC Radio 3: The Wire

Broadcast: Thursday 2nd November 2006 @ 10:00 p.m.

"You know what I love about music?" says Ben, who's a DJ. "Music always reminds you of summat . . . a certain time, a certain place, a certain person, a certain scene. Sometimes, though, something bad can happen that hijacks the memory and ruins the tune for you, and all you can remember when you hear it is that one bad thing."

"DJs, Doormen and Dealers" is about one of those bad things. Jeff Caffrey's play is a thriller set in a Manchester nightclub, on one of those evenings where footballers mingle with shop girls, and gangsters with Cheshire life, and everything goes pear-shaped and blood pools on the dance floor.

With Sam Yates [Adam, the "Candy Man" Dealer], Craig Cheetham [Marshall, the Bouncer], Ray Emmet Brown [Ben, the DJ], Hayley Doherty [Kay / Kelly], Chris Hannon [Rob / Mikey] and Jessica Hall [Sarah].

Produced and directed by Melanie Harris in Manchester.

45 min.


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