Glengarry Glen Ross
by David Mamet

20 Mar 05, R3. Glengarry Glen Ross: David Mamet's radio adaptation of his Pulitzer Prize-winning drama in which Chicago real-estate salesmen grind out a living in a never-ending scramble for their share of the American dream.

Cast: Richard Roma ........ Alfred Molina, George Aaronow ........ Stacy Keach, Shelly Levene ....... Hector Elizondo, James Lingk ......... Bruce Davison, John Williamson ........... Richard Cox, Dave Moss ......... Kristoffer Tabori, Officer Baylen ......... Chris Hatfield. Directed by Rosalind Ayres.

    R3, 20 Mar 05. Adapted from his 1984 stage play by David Mamet. It's about four foul-mouthed Chicago salemen trying to sell plots of land by whatever means they can. The top salesman each month wins a Cadillac, the second a set of steak knives, and two lose their jobs. Levene, one of the salesmen, knows that his best days are behind him and tries to bribe the office manager for some of the better leads. Some of the others talk about stealing these leads from the office files. With Alfred Molina, Stacey Keach, Hector Elizondo, Bruce Davison, Richard Cox, Kristoffer Tabori, Chris Hatfield. (ND, "Diversity" review, 2005)

      Jim's notes....

      "Glengarry Glen Ross" tells the tale of cutthroat real estate salesmen competing against each other. One suavely vicious salesman, Richard Roma, is in the lead for the monthly sales award: a new Cadillac. Former top salesman Shelly Levene is riding a streak of bad luck he hopes to turn around. All are dependent on an office manager named Williamson to give them the vital leads to new customers. In the first act, the salesmen vie for position and plot strategies in a local Chinese restaurant. The second act becomes a ‘who done it’ as the scene shifts to the office, where a burglary has taken place. The promising Glengarry Glen Ross leads were stolen the night before, possibly by one of the salesmen.

      "Glengarry Glen Ross" is David Mamet's radio adaptation of his stage play which was first presented at the small Cottlesloe Theatre of the Royal National Theatre, in London, England, on September 21, 1983. The play went on to win the 1984 Pulitzer Prize and he later adapted it into a screenplay for the 1992 movie of the same title.

      With Alfred Molina [Richard Roma], Hector Elizondo [Shelly Levene], Stacy Keach [George Aaronow], Bruce Davison [James Lingk], Richard Cox [John Williamson], Kristoffer Tabori [Dave Moss], and Chris Hadfield [Officer Baylen].

      The play was specially recorded for Drama on 3 at Voicebox Studios, Los Angeles

      Directed by Rosalind Ayres

      Re-broadcast on Sunday 28th October 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.

      80 min.


      David Mamet's "Glengarry Glen Ross" was first presented at the small Cottlesloe Theatre of the Royal National Theatre, in London, England, on September 21, 1983. The critics gave the play strongly positive reviews and the production played to sold-out audiences. It was later awarded the Society of West End Theatres Award (similar to the American "Tony" Award) as best new play.

      The American premier of Glengarry Glen Ross took place at Chicago's Goodman Theatre on February 6, 1984; with one cast change, the production then transferred to Broadway's Golden Theatre on March 25, With very few exceptions, the New York critics recognised the play as brilliant in itself and a major advance for Mamet as a playwright. Nevertheless, ticket sales were slow and the play lost money for two weeks. After it was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, sales increased significantly. It ultimately ran for 378 performances, closing on February 17, 1985.

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