Hamlet - Part II
by Perry Pontac

BBC Radio 3

Broadcast: Monday 27th April 1992

"Hamlet, Part II" is described by Perry Pontac as 'a sequel to Shakespeare's "Hamlet, Part I"'. The script was commissioned by BBC Radio 3 as a companion-piece to the Kenneth Branagh "Hamlet", broadcast on Radio 3 in 1992.

The play opens in Elsinore on a platform before the castle. The Ambassador Seltazar has returned home to Denmark after being away for three years only to find death, death, and more death to greet him... most of it happening the previous Saturday.

With Peter Jeffrey [Ambassador Seltazar], Harriet Walter [Fornia], Simon Russell Beale [A Fool], and John Moffatt [The King].

Directed by Richard Wortley.

30 min.


    .............Perry Pontac attracts first-rate performers and certain actors feature repeatedly in his plays. John Moffat made his Pontac debut in SECRETS OF THE PRISON HOUSE, as a hapless lawyer summoned to act for a deranged murderess (played with relish by Miriam Margolyes); and he recurred in THE POINT OF THE STORY, a small masterpiece, which unfolds itself through a series of brief encounters, each leading logically to the next, and then returns to the source by way of the same chain in reverse; and in two mocking sequels in verse to Shakespeare, HAMLET, PART II and FATAL LOINS.

    Barry Pike

More about Perry Pontac on his own page.

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