Stephen Wyatt:

BBC Radio 3

During a busy Market Day in a small, medieval French village, Jeanette, 6-year-old daughter of Jehan and Marie de Lalande, is killed by one of the many roaming pigs. Pierre le Brun, the only lawyer in the village, convinces the mayor of precedent that, before they kill the pig, it needs to have a fair and just trial. Pierre le Brun believes it was not murder but manslaughter as he takes on Gian the pig as his client while the Mayor calls in the famous Parisian Advocate, Master Bais, as Prosecutor.

With Christian Rodska [Father Bernard], Tony Robinson [Pierre le Brun, a Local Lawyer], Hugh Dickson [Master Bais, the Parisian Prosecutor], Peter Craze [Jehan de Lalande], Zelah Clarke [Marie de Lalande, Jehan's Wife], Michael Graham Cox [Antoine Fillion, a Pigkeeper], Geoffrey Matthews [The Mayor], Melinda Walker [Anne le Brun], Kenneth Shanley [A Man], Simon Cuff [The Confessor], Joe Hall [The Jailer], and Jane Gambier [The Woman].

60 min.


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