Room to Let
by Rhys Adrian

Rhys Adrian - Room to Let

Broadcast: Thursday 25th April 1963 @ 8:00 p.m.

A childless, middle-aged couple living in a large house on the south coast advertise a room to let. It is a new experience for them and they take every possible precaution. The lodger is not to be coloured, he is not to be Irish, and he must be out at work all day. Even then they cannot be certain. References are too easily obtained and their prospective lodger may be a criminal. So when their first applicant arrives, they settle down to a friendly cross-examination.

This applicant is Lucas Grant, a shy young accountant. He has recently come out of hospital and wants to change his whole way of life - to get a job in the open in which he can have freedom to move, as a deck-chair attendant, perhaps. Much against his will he is lured into a discussion about his suitability as a lodger, but what emerges is not so much an examination of his motives as those of his prospective landlords - why should a prosperous and apparently secure couple wish to let a room, anyway?

With Keith Williams [Lucas Grant, The Young Man], Maurice Denham [The Husband], and Betty Hardy [The Wife], Denys Hawthorne [The Clergyman], and Will Leighton [The Announcer].

Produced by Michael Bakewell

Re-broadcast on Sunday 19th May 1963

45 min.


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