The Cool Bag Baby
by Katie Hims

Katie Hims - The Cool Bag Baby

BBC Radio 3: Drama on 3

Broadcast: Sunday 17th February 2008 @ 8:00 p.m.

A cool bag has been left outside a London café. Inside the bag is a baby, meant to be found by the café owner and taken home to be loved and cherished. But, as the café stays closed when it should be open, the baby remains undiscovered and lives across London begin to fall apart.

Developed with improvised sessions on camera with actor Sophie Stanton, "The Cool Bag Baby" tells an extraordinary story from the point of view of every character involved. It takes a look behind the headlines to reveal the triggers that lead an ordinary woman to act in a way that's totally out of character. In a world where every move is observed, some people manage to remain unseen and unheard. They become invisible – even to those they are closest to.

Katie Hims' new drama, "The Cool Bag Baby", is an investigation, a love story as well as a cry for help.

With Sophie Stanton [Carol], Rachel Davies [Joan], David Schofield [Stuart], Nicholas Gleaves [Phil], Larissa Kouznetsova [Jana], Andrew Tiernan [The Detective Inspector], Mark Monero [Ted / The Police Constable], Hemi Yeroham [Mehmet], and Jamie F. Glover [Jack].

Directed by Kate Rowland .

75 min.


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