The Dock Brief
by John Mortimer

John Mortimer - The Dock Brief

BBC Radio: Third Programme

Broadcast: Thursday 16th May 1957

Unsuccessful aging barrister Morganhall is asked to represent wife murderer Fowle, and hopes that a "not guilty" verdict with bring him the fame that has always eluded him. He constructs a masterly defence and subjects Fowle to an energetic dry run in his cell, but when they reach the courtroom his actual performance is so abysmal that the Home Secretary grants Fowle a reprieve.

This was John Mortimer's first produced play. It was such a success that it was remade for TV and was the basis for a 1962 film called "Trial and Error" starring Peter Sellers and Richard Attenborough.

Incidental music composed and conducted by Antony Hopkins and played by Stephen Trier (clarinet and bass clarinet) and Francis Baines (Double Bass).

With Michael Hordern [Wilfred Morgenhall, a barrister] and David Kossoff [Mr. Fowle, the accused]

Produced by Nesta Pain .

Re-broadcast on BBC Radio 3, Tuesday 26th February 1980 and on BBC7, Friday 23rd April 2004

60 min.


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