The Great Jowett
by Graham Greene

Graham Greene - The Great Jowett

BBC Radio 3

Broadcast: Tuesday 23rd September 1980

A new production of "The Great Jowett" by Graham Greene (first written as a radio play for the BBC, the play was broadcast on 6th May 1939), starring Alan Bennett as Benjamin Jowett (1817-93), Oxford Don, Professor of Greek, Master of Balliol College, Vice-Chancellor, eminent Victorian and notable eccentric.

September 1893. It's the end of the Long Vac as strange faces and accents heard all over Oxford. As a tour guide leads a group through Balliol College, he begins to tell the story of the Master of the College....

With Alan Bennett [Benjamin Jowett], David Markham [Dean Arthur Stanley, the Narrator], Brian Carroll [Matthew Knight, Jowett's Servant], Andrew Branch [Algernon Swinburne], Leonard Fenton [T. H. Green / Earl Leslie Griggs], Michael Goldie [Dr. Robert Scott / Vice-Chancellor], Godfrey Kenton [Mr. Foster, the Head Porter / Mr. Smith], Anthony Hyde [ Mr. Peel / Mr. Paine], Brian Haines [Mr. Ross / Matthew Arnold, the Poet / an American], Christopher Scott [Mr. Plumer / The Archbishop], Lolly Cockerell [Mrs. Sparks, Swinburne's Landlady / Servant / Washerwoman], and Josie Kidd [Miss Knight, Jowett's Housekeeper and Matthew's Sister / Washerwoman].

Other parts played by members of the cast.

Produced by Brian Wright.


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