John Antrobus:
The Lie

John Antrobus - The Lie

BBC Radio 3

Broadcast: Thursday 16th February 1978

One evening, Henry and Mary receive unexpected visitors at their door - Jane and John. It seems while they were walking down the street, Jane marvelled at their lampshade through the front window. Jane knew at once that Henry and Mary were 'their' sort of people, people she could talk to. Well, that was the initial reason for ringing their doorbell. The real reason Jane rang was because of her husband, John. He had a heart attack two months earlier and the doctors told him to go for walks, and this is one of them. But she can't get a word out of him. What a relief for her to have a chat with someone, even though she had to ring their doorbell to get it.

John was dead for five minutes... dead as a doornail. Jane was a widow, no less. Then they wheeled in one of those heart machines and brought him back to life, but she doesn't know why they bothered since he rarely speaks now. While passing their house Jane panicked - she had to talk to somebody - so she rang their doorbell and began a conversation....

With Geoffrey Matthews [Henry], Clifford Rose [John], June Whitfield [Jane, John's Wife], and Brenda Kay [Mary, Henry's Wife].

Directed by Gerry Jones

20 min.


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