The Messenger
by Nick Warburton

Nick Warburton - The Messenger

BBC Radio 3: Drama Now

Broadcast: Tuesday 1st November 1988 @ 9:25 p.m.

The setting is June 1911 at the Quinn and Lundy Building, London, where Albert has arrived in search of a position. He has been sent by his uncle to Quinn and Lundy Publishing to see Mr. Jerome, who offers him a job as the new Messenger.

Day by day, Albert finds his way into all the rooms of this large establishment, stumbling on secrets and delighting in them, guided by his unwitting gift for discoveries. Each small journey simply begun and ended becomes his quest and the most inaccessible places open to him; the most remote people allow him in. ...

With Juliet Stevenson [Miss Quinn, Majority Owner of Quinn and Lundy Publishing], Alec McCowen [Mr. Tooth], Don Henderson [Mr. Drummer, the Lift Operator], and Anthony Howes [Albert, the New Messenger].

Directed by Stuart Owen

65 min.


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