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I'm typing these entries out, summarising them from RT, removing spoilers and editing / adding notes where necessary. Typos are gradually being removed. This week's drama is at the bottom of the page.

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Note that the 'Classic Serial' slot on Sunday afternoons is no longer described as such in the Radio Times. However I am still using the term so people can navigate the page more easily.

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1 Jan: The Leopard
By Giuseppe di Lampedusa, read in 5 chunks (not a play) by Anton Lesser over the course of the day.: 9.30, 11.00, 12.30, 2.15 and 4.00. Anton relaxes at 9.45am by reading Book of the Week: Brief Answers to the Big Questions, by Stephen Hawking.

2 Jan: Me, Mum and Meena Kumari
By Samantha Baig, based on a true story by Akbar Kurtha, who is in the cast. A young actor struggles to deal with various challenges: caring for his bipolar mother, running his career, and the truth about his sexuality. Akbar: Akbar Kurtha, Zubeida: Shelley King, Uncle: Nish Nathwani, Lia: Emma Handy, Simon: Cameron Percival. Producer: Emma Harding.

3 Jan: The Receiver of Wreck
By Ben Cottam. A rusting ship is washed up on the shore in Fleetwood. What sort of vessel is it? Jen Green is the receiver of Wreck; it is the strangest case of her career. Jen: Alice Lowe, Prudence Peacock, Denisa and The Voice: Jane Horrocks, Malcolm: Pearce Quigley, Kelly: Lucy Gaskell, Adam: Tom Meeten, Jeanicia and Hannah: Hayley Doherty, Tanicia: Hannah Livingston, Ben: Ben Cottam. Producer: Alison Crawford.

4 Jan: Deceit, Desire and the Viking Helmet
By John Hegley, comedian and poet. A surreal and tragi-comic love story, with songs and poems. "John Shuttleworth" (Graham Fellows) is in the cast. The story is inspired by an Anthony Thwaite poem. Background action is provided by the football-playing children and members of the audience. From the Lowry Centre, Manchester. John: John Hegley, Mr. Cooper: Graham Fellows, Mrs. Cooper: Alison Belbin. Producer: Anne Edyvean. Rpt.

5 Jan: Saturday Play - The Canterbury Tales, 2
By the cast of The Archers, dram. Nick Warburton. The tales are set within the frame of the performance in David Archer's barn. Tellers of the Tales: Felicity Finch, Timothy Bentinck, Carole Boyd, Charlotte Martin, John Rowe, Simon Williams. THE PARDONER'S TALE: James Cartwright, Ian Pepperell, Barry Farrimond, John Rowe and Charlotte Martin. THE FRIAR'S TALE: Simon Williams, Timothy Bentinck, Ian Pepperell, Felicity Finch. THE FRANKLIN'S TALE: Barry Farrimond, James Cartwright, Annabelle Dowler and Charlotte Martin, THE BAILIFF'S TALE: Timothy Bentinck, Barry Farrimond, Ian Pepperell, Felicity Finch and Annabelle Dowler. Producer: Alison Hindell. Director: Kim Greengrass. 60m.

6 Jan: Classic Serial - Graeae's Amy Dorrit, 2
Dickens, moved to the modern day. By April de Angelis and Nicola Werenowska. Amy goes to university but has to return to the council estate when her father needs her help. She gets involved in the campaign to stop the sell-off. Amy: Audrey Brisson, Maggie: Kalijoy Perkins, Mrs. Chaudry: Liz Carr, with Ania Sowinski, Anna Elijasz, Tracey Anderson, Matti Houghton, John Kelly, Wayne Norman and Narinder Samra. Producer: Eloise Whitmore. Directors: Polly Thomas and Jenny Sealey.

7 Jan: Stone, 1
New series, using characters devised by Danny Brocklehurst. This episode written by Martin Jameson. Crime drama; a body is found at a hotel and DCI Stone is forced to navigate the world of catering. Stone: Hugo Speer, DS Sue Kelly: Deborah McAndrew, DI Mike Tanner: Craig Cheetham, with Lizzie Stavrou, Jason Done, Millie Gibson, Angela Lonsdale, George Bukhari, Peter Singh, William Ash, Sacha Parkinson, Emma Cunliffe, William Fox, Nadia Emam, Simon Trinder. Producers: Nadia Molinari and Gary Brown. Director: NM.

8 Jan: Stone, 2
By Martin Jameson. Stone investigates the background of the murder victim. Details- as yesterday.

9 Jan: Stone, 3
Episode written by Richard Monks. After a surprising discovery about his key witness, Stone's investigatiion into the murder of Maxwell Foley becomes increasingly difficult.

10 Jan: Stone, 4
By Richard Monks. Stone follows some important leads as the past haunts one of the main suspects.

11 Jan: Stone, 5
By Richard Monks. As Stone gets closer to the truth, forces conspire to prevent past crimess from being revealed.

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