Rachel Joyce Radio Plays

29.06.10 The Art of Balance
30.03.10 The Porter and the Three Ladies
22.05.09 A Hit to the Heart
06.04.09 Feather
01.07.09 Sacred Hearts
30.07.08 Portrait of a Lady, dram, classic serial, 3 x 55m
06.06.08 Take One Night
31.08.07 Quintessence
31.03.06 To be a Pilgrim
27.06.05 Love's Executioner
23.06.04 The Wall
27.11.03 Diary of a kidnapping - the Lindberghs
13.07.00 Kissing Shadows
15.05.98 Painting Mrs. Jones
20.11.97 Little lower than the angels


This was in the series 'Arabian Afternoons' and I think it was adapted from one of the "Arabian Nights" tales, transposed to a modern setting.

Woman's Hour Drama. Dramatisation of the novel by Sarah Dunant; set in a convent in Renaissance Italy; where a young woman has been placed against her will. At The Feast of St Agnes; Serafina sings for the first time and is rewarded by an unexpected voice from the audience. Abbess ...... Eileen Atkins, Zuana ...... Geraldine James, Serafina ...... Natalie Dormer, Letizia ...... Ayesha Antoine, Magdalene ...... Helen Ryan. Dramtised by Rachel Joyce. The music has been specially recorded by Musica Secreta; available on the CD Sacred Hearts; Secret Music. A Pacificus production for BBC Radio 4. Broadcast Wed 1 Jul 2009 19:45 BBC Radio 4

22 5 2009 Friday Play. The man with everything finds his perfect world blown apart when his daughter is linked to an act of terrorism. Peter ...... Nicholas Farrell, Verity ...... Niamh Cusack, Michael ...... Timothy Bentinck, Sara ...... Emma Fielding, Lucy ...... Angela Terence, Frank ...... Geoffrey Whitehead, Jim Hall ...... Jon Strickland. With original music by David Chilton and Lucinda Mason Brown. Directed by Gordon House. A Goldhawk Essential production for BBC Radio 4. Broadcast Fri 22 May 2009 21:00 BBC Radio 4

6 4 2009 Monday BBC Radio 4. 14:15 Afternoon Play. Fern believes in magic; Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy. She is collecting feathers because they can make wishes come true; and Fern has a very big and important wish. Fern ...... Maisie Cowell, Lucy ...... Claire Price, Flyn ...... Shaun Dooley, Lloyd ...... Jot Davies, Grandma ...... Richenda Carey, Sam ...... Rachel Bavidge, Cayleigh ...... Morgan Gayle. Directed by Tracey Neale.

6 6 2008 Friday 14:15 Take One Night By Rachel Joyce. On the eve of their son's 10th birthday; Alan and Alice start work assembling his present. They can only find one instruction. Alan ...... Robert Bathurst, Alice ...... Felicity Montagu, William ...... Charlie Rowe. Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.

13 7 2008, Sunday Radio 4, Classic Serial. Henry James's novel; dramatised by Rachel Joyce. BBC blurb for episode 1 (of 3): Innocence; young and beautiful; Isabel Archer thinks that she is in control of her fate. Little does she know; however; that others behind the scenes are pulling the strings. Cast: Isabel Archer ...... Anna Maxwell, Martin Madame Merle ...... Haydn Gwynne, Lord Warburton ...... Robert Bathurst, Mrs Touchett ...... Gayle Hunnicutt, Mr Touchett ...... Peter Marinker, Ralph Touchett ...... Paul Venables, Henrietta Stackpole ...... Laurel Lefkow, Caspar Goodwood ...... Corey Johnson, Mr Bantling ...... Dan Starkey, Narrator ...... William Hope. Pianist ...... Duncan Walsh Atkins. Directed by Tracey Neale.

... a year after the death of her boyfriend, a young woman drives down to Devon to scatter his ashes. In QUINTESSENCE, by Rachel Joyce (R4, 1415, 31 Aug 07), it quickly becomes clear that Faith also wants to take her own life. She stops at five service stations on the way, and at each she meets a retired angel who tries to help her. The angels were played by Trevor Peacock, Trevor Martin, Thelma Barlow, Geoffrey Beevers and Margaret Robinson; Faith was Julie Cox and the director Clive Brill. ....ND, VRPCC review, Sep 2007.

By Rachel Joyce, 31 Mar 06. About a man who turns into a slob when he retires ...until he gets a letter. Then everything changes. With Anton Rodgers as Harold, Anna Massey as Maureen, and Niamh Cusack as Queenie. Producer Tracey Neale. This play (jointly with Mike Bartlett's "Not Talking") won the Tinniswood Award for best play of 2006.

Love's Executioner....2005
Adapted from the case notes of Dr Irvin Yalom by Rachel Joyce. Thelma is in love. She's 70 years old and the man she's in love with is 24 years her junior. They had a brief affair eight years ago and Thelma still can't get him out of her mind. She's spent the past eight years raking over this hopeless love affair. Can psychotherapy cure her magnificent obsession? What is this thing called love?

Thelma ...... Katherine Helmond
Therapist ...... Harry Hamlin
Matthew ...... Kevin Kilner
Directed by Kate McAll

THE WALL....2004
23 Jun 04. Every day Flo goes and visits The Watts Memorial Wall of Heroic Deeds in Postman's Park. Years ago, when she was a young woman and about to be engaged, something happened which has haunted Flo ever since. Now, perhaps the stories from the Wall Deeds can help her to confront the past and lay an old secret to rest.

Flo ........ Stella Quilley
Len ....... Paul Nicholson
Sarah Smith .......... Niamh Cusack
Samuel Rabbeth ........... Paul Venables
Mary Rogers ........... Amelia Bullmore
Boy .......... Felix Drake
Directed by Kate McAll

Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Diary Of A Kidnapping....2004
Adapted By Rachel Joyce. 8 May 01 original broadcast. When shy, sheltered Anne Morrow married famous aviator Charles Lindbergh they became America's golden couple. When Charles Jnr as born their happiness seemed complete. Then on 1st March 1932 while his parents talked unaware downstairs, baby Charles was snatched from his crib, and the Lindbergh's godlen world turned to ashes.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh (Young) ...... Sally Cookson
Anne Morrow Lindbergh (Old) ...... Bonnie Hurren
Charles Lindbergh ...... John Sharian
Mother ...... June Barrie
Col Henry ...... David Collins
Directed by Kate McCall. Very sad play; no happy ending. What a grim tale for an afternoon play.

Kissing Shadows.... 2000
The last of four plays set in houses which sing their secrets. Following a painful separation from her husband, Holly and her sister Frankie rent a country cottage where she can recuperate. They discover that the house has a story of its own. With Emma Fielding, Matilda Ziegler and Ewan Hooper. Director: Mary Peate. R4, afternoon play, 13 Jul 00.

Painting Mrs Jones ....1998
Lindsay Duncan stars as Jennifer Jones in Rachel Joyce's new play about a woman who sits for her portrait and wonders if the painting will reveal a new truth about her inner self. With James Laurenson and David Antrobus. Director Jeremy Mortimer. Orig. broadcast 3 Dec 98.

Little Lower than the Angels ....1997
They meet by chance on a wet London night and within the hour are on their way to a hotel. Can this be more than a brief encounter? With Niamh Cusack, Finbar Lynch, David Bannerman, Alison Pettitt and Carolyn Jones. Director Jeremy Mortimer R4, 20 Nov 97, afternoon play.

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Most of the above plays known to exist in VRPCC collections

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