Rony Robinson Radio Plays

A man and woman work in the family archives. The man unexpectedly receives a bundle of letters, all from women, all answering a lonely hearts advert he didn't place. With David Calder, Barbara Marten, Helen Flanagan, Sacha Dhawan. Producer Pauline Harris. 30 Dec 08. Rpt. 4 Jan 11.

WOMEN OF AN UNCERTAIN AGE....2008 13 May 2008. When a mutual friend dies; Clare; Heather and Kat throw caution to the winds and pursue what they really want in their middle age; as opposed to what they think they should want. Heather ...... Deborah Findlay Clare ...... Alwyne Taylor Kat ...... Gaynor Faye Clare's Mother ...... June Broughton Greg ...... Chris Jack. Poems by Sally Goldsmith. Directed by Polly Thomas. Repeated 12 Nov 10.

... by Rony Robinson (R4, 1415, 6 Nov 06) was a follow-up to the play he wrote about love in an old people's home. This time he's gone to the other end of the age spectrum; it's about unmarried mums and their boyfriends and the problems they face. Sally Goldsmith wrote another set of saucy songs (she makes a very good job of them), Katie Griffiths and Matthew Hall were the errant couple, and Pauline Harris directed.

LAST LOVES ....2005
Friday Play. By Rony Robinson. With original songs by Sally Goldsmith. From the winners of the Stronger Than Fiction Writing competition, a drama about love among the elderly in a residential home - inspired by true stories. The play features original songs, also created from real stories and the words of older people in care.

Paul ...... Richard Wilson , Mo ...... Barbara Marten , Kate ...... June Broughton , Bob ...... Peter Martin , Singers ...... Violetta Hall, Roa Allender, Joan Crookes, Jill Elke, Monica Mellor, Jim Russell and Tony Smith . Music arranged and performed by Val Regan.

It won a Bronze Sony Award in 2005. The judges mentioned a good performance by Richard Wilson. I'd go along with this, but the supporting cast were good too. It was also nominated for the Tinniswood Award, for which it was shortlisted.

....from the 2006 Tinniswood Award page: ..................."Last Loves" by Rony Robinson and Sally Goldsmith (love in an old people's home - a super piece of work, with some very saucy songs by Sally Goldsmith). ....A related play by the same authors will be broadcast later in the year. It will be about teenage mums and the events which lead to that state of affairs.... with songs in a similar style, I hope .... - N.D.

Presented by Rony Robinson.13,11,2004, Sat , A Shoddy Business (Cloth Fibres), Rony Robinson, R4, Archive Hour, 13 Nov 04.

THE BEANO....1986
25 Aug 86. Monday Play.

CHILD'S PLAY....1985
14 Mar 85. Afternoon Play.

PAULA'S TAPE....1982
R4 13.2.1982/1405 Rita May/Peter Bell . Thirty Minute Theatre. A middle-aged woman casts her mind back over happier times as she recalls music from her youth.

LUNCH DUTY....1980
R4, 7.10.1980/1105 Maggie McCarthy/Will Tacey/John Wheatley/John Jardine. Thirty Minute Theatre.

6.1.73, rpt. 2.8.74 With Michael Johnson/John Samson/Nigel Graham/Manning Wilson. Afternoon Theatre.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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