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30 Mar 2012 The Waste Land
Read by Jeremy Irons and Eileen Atkins, producer Susan Roberts, introduced by Rowan Williams, Jackie Kay, Matthew Hollis and Sean O'Brien.

23 Jun 2011: Afternoon Drama - Crimes of Mancunia
Criminals' loved ones are being kidnapped around Manchester. When the kidnapper starts asking for very specific amounts of ransom money, word soon spreads that he is an ex-cop with a dangerous grudge against the criminal community. DCI Lise Lazard and DI Mikey Finn take up the case before time runs out for the kidnapper's victims. A noir drama in verse by Michael Symmons Roberts.

8 May 2011: Classic Serial - The Prelude
2 x 55m. William Wordsworth's autobiographical poem. Recorded in Wordsworth's home in Grasmere, Cumbria. Wordsworth believed that poetry should be written in the natural language of common speech, and in that way it was revolutionary in its time. The Prelude is read by Sir Ian McKellen with specially composed music by John Harle, performed by John Harle on Saxophone and Neill MacColl on guitar.Produced in Manchester by Susan Roberts.

11 Mar 2011: Afternoon Drama - Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster
An elegy to the young gap-year student who was attacked in Stubbeylee Park, Bacup, Lancashire. She later died on August 24th 2007. This is an elegy to mark the anniversary of her death, four years later. Aged twenty, Sophie suffered fatal injuries while cradling her boyfriend Rob's head in an attempt to protect him from a ferocious attack by a group of youths. Rob survived but Sophie went into a coma and never recovered. Sophie was an intelligent bookish child who showed signs of wanting to be different from an early age. Political, vegetarian, a pacifist, Sophie had left school with A levels and was thinking about what to do with her future when it was taken so brutally from her. Sophie and Rob dressed in a unique way, expressing their individuality as creative artistic people through goth-style clothes, piercings and make-up, which provoked the fatal attack in the early hours of that Saturday morning. Sophie had been dating Rob Maltby, a 21-year-old art student for three years. Cast : SOPHIE ...........Rachel Austin. Poetry by Simon Armitage. Produced in Manchester by Susan Roberts.

18 Jul 10 Classic Serial - The Glass Bead Game
3 x 55m. Dramatisation of Hermann Hesse's classic novel set in a futuristic, utopian society. Starring Derek Jacobi. Joseph Knecht is a rising star in the Castalian Order, a band of elite intellectuals who live a closeted life of study and Glass Bead Game playing. But Joseph's elevation to one of the highest and most respected ranks of the Order coincides with a crisis of conscience, as his ever deepening doubts about this idealistic and sanitised society threaten to topple its very foundations. Biographer...Derek Jacobi, Joseph Knecht...Tom Ferguson, Young Joseph...Aidan Parsons, Music Master...Malcolm Raeburn, Teacher/Van Der Trave...Terence Mann, Plinio...David Seddon, Fritz...Toby Hadoke, Father Jacobus...David Fleeshman, Elder Brother/Bertram...Jonathan Keeble. String Player...Kevin Flynn. Dramatised by Lavinia Greenlaw. Producer: Charlotte Riches. Director: Susan Roberts.

22 Apr 10 A Man in Pieces
Conor volunteers to test a new medical sonic scanner which records the sounds inside the body. From this recording an analysis of the patients health is drawn. The Goldberg Scanner could revolutionise medical science. But Conor finds he's being searched so deeply that he's losing his identity. Conor.....Graeme Hawley , Jen.....Gillian Kearney , Doppelganger.....Clive Russell , Margaret.....Sue Jenkins , Matthew.....Malcolm Raeburn. With specially composed music by John Harle Directed in Manchester by Susan Roberts.

23 Feb 10 War Bride
By Nell Leyshon.(R) The Second World War is over and Eleanor and Clarence are on a ship, emigrating to Canada. Young Eleanor is running away from the farm she grew up on - and her parents don't know. When Eleanor discovers that her childhood sweetheart Frank is also on board, she starts to retreat from Clarence into the world of her imagination. Eleanor is vulnerable a long way from home. Who can she trust? Eleanor ...... Charlotte Emmerson, Clarence ...... Simon Lee Phillips, Frank ...... Joseph Kloska. Directed by Susan Roberts.

15 Jan 10 Maine Road
By Sarah McDonald Hughes. As the last game at Manchester City's Maine Road stadium approaches, a family in mourning for a grandmother face their own struggle to survive. Elaine ...... Siobhan Finneran, Jade ...... Sarah McDonald Hughes, Leo ...... Keaton Langley, Clive ...... Lee Boardman, Darren ...... John Catterall, Aaron ...... Thomas Rolinson. Directed by Susan Roberts.

4 7 7 2009 Tuesday BBC Radio 4 14:15 Afternoon Play Chameleon
Comedy thriller by Vicky Meer. Mo is being relocated under a witness protection scheme; his previous identity totally eradicated. How will a Porsche-driving London drug dealer adapt to life as a vegetarian postman living in a former council semi in Gretna? Mo ...... Navin Chowdhry Vadim Andreyev ...... Serge Soric Charles ...... James Quinn Shahanah ...... Thushani Weerasekera Donna Marie ...... Hilary MacLean Jimmy ...... Glenn Cunningham Svetlana/MrsC ...... Christine Brennan Directed by Sue Roberts. Broadcasts Mon 10 Dec 2007.

26 4 2009 Sunday BBC Radio 4 15:00 Classic Serial, Troilus and Criseyde
2 x 55m. Dramatisation of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde. One of the great works of English literature; this powerful; compelling story explores love from its first tentative beginnings through to passionate sensuality and eventual tragic disillusionment. Lavinia Greenlaw's new version for radio brings Chaucer's language up-to-date for a modern audience while remaining true to his original poetic intention. After seeing the beautiful widow Criseyde at the temple in Troy; Troilus falls instantly in love with her. Inexperienced in love; he is unable to act on his feelings and locks himself in his room to compose love songs. Pandarus; worried for his friend; eventually persuades Troilus to tell him why he is so miserable and is delighted to hear that the cause is Troilus' love for his niece Criseyde. Worried about her reputation; Criseyde is at first reluctant to enter into a relationship with Troilus. After much cajoling and manipulation; she reluctantly comes around to the idea. Pandarus is frustrated that the relationship is moving too slowly and engineers a complex plan to get Criseyde and Troilus in bed together. Troilus ...... Tom Ferguson Criseyde ...... Maxine Peake Pandarus ...... Malcolm Raeburn Servant 1/Woman 1 ...... Kathryn Hunt Calchas/Servant 3/Man 2 ...... Kevin Doyle Priam/Servant 2/Man 3/General 1 ...... Terence Mann Hector/Diomede ...... Declan Wilson With music composed by Gary Yershon and performed by Ehsan Emam; Tim Williams and Mike Dale. Directed by Susan Roberts.

2 7 2008 Wednesday 14:15 War Bride
By Nell Leyshon. WWII is over and Eleanor and Clarence are on a ship; emigrating to Canada. Young Eleanor is running away from the farm she grew up on - and her parents don't know. When Eleanor discovers that her childhood sweetheart Frank is also on board; she starts to retreat from Clarence into the world of her imagination. Eleanor is vulnerable a long way from home. Who can she trust? Eleanor ...... Charlotte Emmerson, Clarence ...... Simon Lee Phillips, Frank ...... Joseph Kloska. Directed by Susan Roberts.

24 Dec 2007 Aesop's Fables
Michael Morpurgo's imaginative and humorous retelling of a clutch of Aesop's best-known stories; adapted from a stage production. With Chris Bianchi; Tom Wainwright; Benji Bower. Music composed and played by Benji Bower. Directed by Susan Roberts.

19 Jan 2006: The Eve of St Agnes
By John Keats. Keats' atmospheric poem telling the story of the lovers Porphyro and Madeline and their secret meeting on St Agnes Eve - introduced by the poet Laureate Andrew Motion. Madeline is desperate on that bitterly cold night for a vision of her dearly loved Porphyro who is neither of her place nor of her race. The relations between their families are so hostile that Porphyro's arrival at the castle of the wealthy sire of Madeline is considered taboo. Angela, the Beldame, takes pity and hides Porphyro in Madeline's bed chamber so the two can meet. The tense and tricky Angela quite literally holds the key to the couple's fulfillment of love. Narrator ...... Samuel West , Porphyro ...... Daniel Evans , Madeline ...... Zoe Henry, Dame ...... Ann Rye. Music composed by Gary Yershon. Lute ...... Jacob Heringman, Flute ...... Catherine Greenwood. Director Susan Roberts.

R4, 22 Dec 04. Mary lives alone with her father in a house with an eccentric garden he has made, which is open to the public. Teased at school for being "the garden girl", Mary decides it's time to find out more about her absent mother. With Carly Bawden as Mary and Peter Hamilton Dyer as her father. Written by Nell Leyshon; directed by Susan Roberts.


Sue Roberts takes time out from directing drama in Manchester to choose her top productions.

Sue's favourites include:
Room of Leaves by Amanda Dalton (first tx 28/10/1998)
People Come Here to Cry by Char March (first tx 02/03/1999)
The Unhearable by Pam Leeson (first tx 03/01/2002)
The Woman with the Fork and Knife Disorder by Jackie Kay (first tx 07/08/2003)

Tue 3 Feb 04, 11:00 - 11:45 45 mins (28 October 1998) Room Of Leaves
Using poetry and prose, Amanda Dalton's poignant story tells of how a jilted 70-year-old woman is found dead in a room of leaves, with supermarket eggs clustered in the grass of her garden and pink ribbon everywhere. With Emily Woof, Christopher Eccleston and Ann Rye.

Wed 4 Feb 04, 11:00 - 11:45 45 mins People Come Here To Cry
Deborah is in need of counselling - but is she better off without?

Thu 5 Feb 04, 11:00 - 11:45 45 mins (31 January 2002) The Unhearable:
Michelle is suffering from the hearing condition Meniere's disease, and wonders who is really listening to her as she faces the prospect of going deaf

Fri 6 Feb 04, 11:00 - 11:45 45 mins The Woman With The Fork And Knife Disorder:
Mary Ann hates everything about her mother - blaming her for the day her father took a machete to his marriage and walked out.

.......and Tony Mitchell sent me the following information about more Sue Roberts plays broadcast on BBC7 later in the year:

Mon 29 Nov: Pam Leeson - The Unhearable
Tues 30 Nov:Amanda Dalton - Room Of Leaves
Wed 1 Dec: Char March - People Come Here To Cry

New ones (not previously broadcast on BBC7):
Thur 2 Dec: Nell Leyshon - Glass Eels
Fri 3 Dec: Brian Willis -Sophie

..thanks Tony.-N.D.

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