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Tanya Nash is now a script editor and producer for television. [ Holby City (BBC 1), Eastenders (BBC 1) ] and a visiting University tutor. She was a producer in the radio drama department of the BBC for ten years, working in Wales, Northern Ireland and Birmingham. She produced a wide variety of drama.

She worked with a large number of writers including Emma Donoghue, Dominique Moloney, Juliet Ace, Peter Sheridan, Lin Coghlan, Annie McCartney, Mavis Cheek, Peter Tinniswood and Tanika Gupta.

A few of the plays Tanya produced are listed below.

Her blog can be found at http://tanyanashscriptwriting.wordpress.com/


Update from Annie McCartney, Feb 2007: ....I have a 2- parter for BBC7 which I am working on at the moment, and have had 3 series of Two Doors Down directed by Tanya Nash. Details of these are on my website: www.anniemccartney.com/

8 May 06:By John Morrison. Comic fantasy, in which some of the minor characters in Shakespeare's canon have decided that they want bigger and better parts. A rebellion is led by Capt Macmorris from Henry V, the only Irish character in the whole body of Shakespeare's work. Macmorris ...... Gerard McSorley, Jamie ...... Gerard Kelly, Fluellen ...... Alan David, Gower ...... Jeremy Child, Shakespeare ...... David Schofield, His servant ...... David Holt, Iago ...... Philip Fox, Juliet's Nurse ...... Jillie Meers, Yorick ...... Jon Glover, Henry V ...... Damian Lynch. Director Tanya Nash.

Pressing the Flesh....2004
By Francis Turnley (R4, 1430, 27 Nov 04), repeated from earlier in the year, was a thriller about a doctor who learns that favours leading to his rapid promotion only come at a price. This play received mixed reviews on the BBC radio 4 website but I found it exciting and well-paced, and like many good radio plays, it left one wondering what happened next. The doctor was played by Lloyd Hutchinson, his wife by Eileen McCloskey and the producer was Tanya Nash. (VRPCC review, ND, Dec 2004)

The Lamb's Snow (Lin Coghlan)....2004
R3 (02-09-2004). A radio drama "road-movie" about eight lost souls on different journeys, whose paths cross one magical night in their search for love and happiness. Franky - Elliot Jordan, Bren - Petra Letang, Derry - Ken Campbell, Clegs - Christopher Fulford, Gino - Ben Crowe, Julie - Julie Peasgood, Radu - Ryan Dougal, Nadia - Lauren McDonald, Stokes - Martin Hyder, Lenny - Tom George. Directed by Tanya Nash. Rpt. R3, 3 Sep 05.

MAY CHILD....2004
7 May 04; by Elizabeth Kuti. Patricia Routledge stars as Margaret in this poignant play about coming to terms with the past. On Margaret's 67th birthday, an uninvited guest calls who shares the same birthday. The teenager, May, seems to know more about Margaret's life than she should. So who is she and what does she really want?

Margaret ...... Patricia Routledge
May ...... Emily Fleeshman
Ron ...... Roy Hudd

Produced and directed by Tanya Nash.

By Annie McCartney. R4, 6 Jan 04, 1415...a psychological thriller about a mother who tries to protect her family from a man who threatens to expose her past. Maura's son Ryan wins a recording contract as a singer in a television talent show. But then Maura receives an unexpected 'phone call from a man she met on holiday twenty years earlier and who says he could be Ryan's father. With Brid Brennan, Orla Charlton, Ivan Kaye, Alan McKee, Katy Gleadhill, Sarah Gordon, Hannah R. Gordon, Aine McCartney, Roger Jennings and Malchi Cush. Malchi sings one of his own songs, as Ryan, in this production. Directed and produced by Tanya Nash. More about this on Annie McCartney's page.

1415, 23 Dec 03. By Harry Towb. A comic ghost story set in New York on Christmas Eve. Casey is a deceased Irish rogue who haunts his old Jewish friend Israelovitch to help him get to heaven. What Israelovitch must do is light a candle for him at St. Michael's church. But Israelovitch isn't keen; Casey died owing him money, and it's cold outside. So Casey enlists the help of Isaelovitch's wife, Bessie (also deceased). The cast: David Kelly, Henry Goodman, Suzanne Bertish, Joyce Springer, Harry Towb, John Guerrasio; dir. Tanya Nash.

Mix (Emma Donoghue)....2003
R3 (05-11-2003) . At thirteen, Teresa is diagnosed with a chromosome abnormality which means that biologically she isn't a girl or a boy but a mix of both. As the condition is hereditary, Teresa and her family are anxious to know who else might be affected.Teresa - Katie Davis, Clare - Marcella Riordan, Fintan - Dan Gordon, Gran - Doreen Keogh, Jaz - Rebecca McKinty, Raja - Raman Goyal, Liam - Neal McWilliams, Dr McBrearty - Maria Connolly, Dr Foyle - Roger Jennings. Directed by Tanya Nash. (55m)

18 Feb 03, by Carol Freebain, dir. Tanya Nash. An Irish social story; cast includes Laura Hughes, Ian Beattie, Maria Connolly, Alan McKee.

The Tunnel (Tim Loane)....2003
R3 (09-01-2003) . Loane's thriller is about seventeen year old Frankie who has learned how to survive at the bottom of his hard, macho world. Then one day an opportunity allows him to gain some respect and life gets much more interesting. Frankie - Neal McWilliams, Rex - Lorcan Cranitch, Maria - Annie Farr, Buzz - Patrick OKane, Itchy - Graham McKee, Frog - Kevin Breen, Inspector - Gerard McSorley, Grace - Michelle Forbes, Stuart - Joseph Rea, Will - Dan Gordon, Sally - Emma ONeill, Sally's mate - Kitty Maher. Director: Tanya Nash.

Comforting (Joseph Crilly)....2001
14-09-2001. Geraldine is looking to buy a house and is drawn to the McAneerys' property business. On this occasion, Paul and Eugene's services go far beyond the selling of a house, and Geraldine's life is changed for ever. With Eleanor Methven, Conor Grimes and Gordon Fulton. Directed by Tanya Nash.

(Emma Donoghue) 13 to 17-08-200. With Pauline McLynn, Akbar Kurtha and Eleanor Methven. Directed by Tanya Nash.

1: Urban Myths - Marion is a mature student writing an MA thesis on the urban myths of sexual revenge. But is she taking her research too literally?

2: The Modern Family - Ronan's partner Rachel is having his best friend Mick's baby. Can they all be modern parents and share the childcare?

3: The Conspiracy - Just what is Paul's girlfriend Nuala doing having lunch with his ex? They must be up to something...

4: The Mothers - Teresa is left in a difficult position when her ex-partner Nadine wants to take their son to England.

5: The Estate Agent - A newly-married couple are faced with the husband's ex when they decide to buy a house. Has he chosen the right woman?

By Margaret Forster, dram. Juliet Ace, beginning 24 Jan 00. 10 x 15m. A family history. With Angela Pleasence, Nicola McAuliffe, Simon Armstrong, Jenny Funnel. Producer Tanya Nash.

The New Look....1999
By Juliet Ace. 28 May 99. Last in a trilogy of plays about Mattie Jones's childhood in South Wales. `Celluloid Lady'. It is 1948 and Mattie is fascinated by Mona Morgan and her daydreams about Hollywood film stars, as she pulls pints in her father's pub. With Stephanie Wookey and Jennifer Hill. Director Tanya Nash. Rpt. 20 Sep. 02.

(1999-05-21) The New Look - Beeny's Camiknickers (Juliet Ace, dir Tanya Nash)
w/Stephanie Wookey and Jennifer Hill - In the winter of 1947, Mattie spends most of her time with Beeny in the bakery, where she learns to make faggots and discovers the perils of flirting with boys.

(1999-05-14) The New Look - Tailor's Tacks (Juliet Ace, dirTanya Nash)
w/Vanessa Mullaley, Jennifer Hill and Margaret John - A trilogy of plays about Mattie Jones's childhood in South Wales. It is 1946 and Mattie loves spending time next door in the tailor's workroom, where the adults often forget that she is there and say things they should not.

(1999-04-23) The Abduction Of Esther Lyons (Sam Boardman-Jacobs, dir Tanya Nash)
w/Siriol Jenkins, Melanie Walters and Christian Rodska - Based on a true story set in Cardiff in the 1860s. Esther Lyons is a 17-year-old Jewess who becomes a Baptist. Her father swears she was abducted and was not a willing convert.

20 Jul 98: A Soap Queen for New Delhi
By Neil Harris. Rani, a hotel chambermaid, writes a fan letter to Candice, inviting her to come to India. Imagine her surprise when she discovers that her favourite soap character is staying at her hotel. With Judy Buxton, Nina Wadia and John Guerassio. Director Tanya Nash. Rpt. 26 Nov 98.

(13-11-1997) Wasteland (Nigel Moffat)
Jane meets the rich and charming Fox at a nightclub. Is he her ticket away from unemployed single-motherhood: or will she be repeating a familiar pattern? With Adjoa Andoh, Eddie Nestor and Jillie Meers. Director Tanya Nash.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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