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14 Oct 18 Death Of A Matriarch
By Tanika Gupta. Broadcast Sun 14 Oct, R3. From Edinburgh Fringe, 8pm. One of three short plays broadcast that evening. Itís Christmas day and these are the last 30 minutes of Sita's life. As she struggles to differentiate reality from dreams and hallucinations, she is visited by two old friends from the past bearing gifts, memories and a hint of whatís to come. Starring Meera Syal. (Note that when I searched, this didn't come up on BBC Genome - there was a typing error on the word 'matriarch').

20 Dec 15: Classic Serial: Memsahib Emma, 1
By Tanika Gupta, based on 'Emma' by Jane Austen, set in 19th-century India. Emma Bhattacharjee is beautiful, clever and rich. She is perfectly content with her life and sees no need for love or marriage. Nothing, however, delights her more than interfering in the romantic lives of others. Emma: Manjinder Virk, Roy: Navin Chowdhry, Bhattarchargee: Silas Carson, Krishna: Maya Sondhi, Sumit Chowdhry: Raj Ghatak, Miss Bates: Meera Syal, Mrs. Weston: Tracy Wiles, Mr. Elton: Leo Wan. Producer: Tracey Neale.

    27 Dec 15: Classic Serial - Memsahib Emma, 2
    By Tanika Gupta. Second and final episode. Emma's plans for Krishna backfire when Mr. Elton declares his love for her. Mr. Roy is wary of the newly arrived Frank Churchill. Emma: Manjinder Virk, Roy: Navin Chowdhry, Bhattarchargee: Silas Carson, Krishna: Maya Sondhi, Sumit Chowdhry: Raj Ghatak, Miss Bates: Meera Syal, Mrs. Weston: Tracy Wiles, Mr. Elton: Leo Wan, Mrs. Elton: Evie Killip, Frank Churchill: George Watkins. Producer: Tracey Neale.

RESCUE ME....2010
31 Aug 2010; produced by Jeremy Mortimer. A play about an illegal forced marriage.

R3: Drama on 3. Broadcast: Sunday 6th April 2008 @ 8:20 p.m. Rudolpho is a larger-than-life old man dying in a London hospice. He flirts with the pretty nurse, Susan, and is full of stories, but he has a remarkable secret: he has lived for 192 years.... Producer Tracey Neale. 90 min. For more on this play see Jim's notes .

R4, 26.07.04. Four men miss the 6.32 train and end up stranded overnight at the station. Sam the station man becomes their confidante as each tells him why he wanted to be on that particular train. With Trevor Peacock, Don McCorkindale, Ewan Bailey, Danny Dyer, Calum Callahagn. Director Tracey Neale.

1 Oct 01; in the series 'Hidden History' - ep. 1.

If you have misgivings each time you hear of large numbers of refuguees heading towards our overcrowded island you need to hear Stowaway (R4, 10 Dec 01), by Tanika Gupta. Vikram's family has been swindled out of its land; Vikram, after half a life in servitude, pays his meagre life savings to a man who promises to stow him away on an airliner. Disaster follows disaster as he fights for survival in the wheel bay. After plays like this one realises that living in the UK is a privilege which one should not take for granted. ....ND, VRPCC newsletter, Dec 2001

BBC World Service 23/1/00 60min mono
This play is set in India and envisages a world that has been split in two. At the end of the 21st Century, most people live in scientifically controlled environments called Bubbles where death has been 'eradicated'. Bodies are kept alive in special dormitories that keep hearts beating long after consciousness has gone. Some people choose to live in the 'Second World', the world outside the Bubbles, where there is real sea, sky and sun but also disease and death.

Dr. Madhu Kapoor is an eminent Bubble scientist whose work is dedicated to prolonging life at any cost, including that of her son Kiren, kept alive in a dormitory after a childhood accident. When Dr. Kapoor's ex-husband, Professor Choudhury, lures her to the Second World hinting that he can prove that there is life after death, she embarks on a journey that will have profound implications for life in the 'Eternal Bubble'.

1 Jun 99.

In the 'Women on Love' series; no. 2. 24 Feb 99.

18 Feb 99.

BBCR4 6/8/98 45min
A year after her mother's death, 14-year-old Shamila prefers to escape into a world of Hindu myth and legend rather than confront her guilt and pain.

25 Jun 97; afternoon play. The Bounty Hunter rounds up runaway Asian women and delivers them back to their homes - regardless of the circumstances to which he returns them. With Rehan Sheikh and Riz Abbasi.

R4, 7 Aug 97 , 60min . A medical student is obsessed by a beautiful and unobtainable woman.

8 Feb 96: Ananda Sananda
By Tanika Gupta. Madhu and her friend Eva visit the Ananda Hotel in Puri, India, at her father's request. But where are the other guests? Jogu Bhasker, with Shireen Shah. Urbi Basu and Madhukar Kothare. Producer Tanya Nash. Ananda Sananda: Rosh Anseth, Madhu SHAH: Een Khan, Eva: Josephine Welcome, Baba: Rehan Sheikh.

R4 22 Mar 94 / 2pm. With Charubala Chokshi, Meera Syal, Souad Faress. Thirty Minute Theatre.

20 Oct 91.

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