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Introduction by ND:

Recently I went to Germany, after a space of fifteen years. I was surprised how it had changed.

I don't speak German, so I was expecting to hear an incomprehensible babble - with perhaps a few words I recognised. But English - speakers were everywhere. I could understand perhaps half of the conversations around me. It felt odd; it wasn't Germany as I remembered it.

This set me thinking ....

International languages may be great for tourists, but there is a downside to the spread of English, or any other language. The local language may get squeezed out.

This has profound implications for the local community, in almost every part of life. We've seen it in the UK, when the Welsh language almost dosappeared. Cornish has almost gone. When a language disappears, culture, values and history go with it.

George Orwell wrote about what might happen if there was only one language.

I was greatly heartened, therefore, to be contacted by Kennedy Momanayi Bosire. He has started the Ekegusii Encyclopedic Projects - aimed at preserving the language of Ekegusii (the language of the Bantu) and its associated traditions by compiling a massive encyclopedia of his mother tongue. He intends to promote the learning of the language, publish and distribute learning materials, and wishes to set up an organisation which will oversee this work.

Details of his projects are given on the following pages. If you can help him, please contact us.

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Why we are pushing this project Diary: May 2007
Ground Covered Diary: June 2007
Ground not yet covered A few pictures
We need help Developments, Oct 2007
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Carvings - retail outlet required Additional Objectives, Aug 2008
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