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Here are some pictures illustrating some of the field work we did in May and June 2007. Click on the small pictures to see the detail.

Some of the elders I interviewed

Some of the elders I interviewed

Taking photographs during an interview

Interviews and photographs

A friendly group

A friendly group; self on far left of picture

Medicinal herbs are valuable

Medicinal herbs are valuable; many modern drugs are based on them ...

medical herbs- another picture

Medicinal herbs - another picture

Ekiage Rinyoro

Thatched structure is "ekiage rinyoro" for storing food harvests.

Secondary school pupils

Secondary school pupils at one of our workshops.

Manga Cliff, Emaanga

Manga Cliff, Emaanga

Field work

Field work - a very important part of our project.

8-string musical instrument

Obokano traditional 8-string musical instrument.

Ekebu Nyaribari

Ekebu, Nyaribari

"Ekebu" is a suction device. Long before the coming of modern medicine to the land of Abagusii, they had learned the art of literally "sucking out" blood near an injury or clot, by making an incision around or into the affected part, then using a specially designed animal horn (ekebu) with a soft diaphragm or membrane. Blood clots caused by a bruise or similar injury could be sucked out in this way.

Ekebu when full will hold about a quarter of a litre. Depending on the severity of the wound, more than one treatment might be necessary. A mixture of herbs would eventually be applied to the affected area to ward off bacteria and to accelerate healing.

This treatment is still used to some extent, especially among the elderly. We hope to capture a live operation one day for documentation and archiving.

some of our helpers and advisers

Some of our helpers and advisers

Woman Healer

Woman healer, Nyaribari

Workshop, 21 May 07

Workshop, 21 May 07

More pictures will follow when I have time to put them on-line.

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