The Ekegusii Encyclopedia Project:
June 2007

Ekegusii Encyclopedic Projects
I have been around the country conducting interviews amongst community elders on Abagusii culture, traditions and values.

I have examined:

1. Abagusii ceremonies:- Birth and naming of children, circumcision and rites of passage, marriage, death and burial.

2. Taboos

3. Administration and governance:- How were the Abagusii governed and disputes settled?

4. Clans and genealogy:- How were clans set up, and what were their origins?

5. Songs and dance:- What were the major songs, why were they sung, who sung them, and when?

6. Health and Medicine:- Veterinary, clinical, surgery, medicinal plants.

7. Arts and Crafts:- Weaving of containers and receptacles, embroidery, etc.

8. Oaths:- How were they administered?

9. Religion and Worship:- "Engoro", how was He worshipped, and what was our religion like? Why did it stop, and when? Were there religious leaders?

10 Witchcraft and Sorcery:- Who are witches / wizards? What is the nature of their religion?

The response has been very encouraging.This time, Mrs. G.K. Machogu-Nyaituga and I had the opportunity to address students of two secondary schools, about the need to use, promote and preserve their language.

Mrs. Machogu-Nyaituga is my project coordinator.

There is heightened awareness that the language is besieged by other languages and that it therefore needs documentation.

The work is continuing. If you are able to assist financially, please contact us.

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