The Ekegusii Projects - why are we doing this work?

This project seeks to halt the decline of the Ekegusii language and to encourage its promotion, use and preservation by the Abagusii people of Kenya.

It is a feature of life that the old has to give way to the new - it's the nature of life. Why should we be worried if an ancient language is replaced by something more modern?

My answer is that Ekegusii is not just a language; it has associated with it a rich culture and a wealth of knowledge, much of which has never been expressed in other languages.If Ekegusii disappears, modern Kenya will lose more than a language. Knowledge and traditions will disappear too. Abagusii’s rich culture and values are under threat, along with knowledge of their (and our) way of life.

We will lose information about the natural world known only by the Abagusii - for example, their plants, their animals, and physical features of the country they have known for generations.

We cannot afford to lose this knowledge; no-one knows what the future holds.

This is why "Ekegusii Encyclopaedic Projects" was formed and registered as a Community Based Organization.

"Ekegusii Encyclopaedic Projects" is in line with the Government's policy of promoting ethnic diversity and the cultural values of its people.


With assistance from the community, professionals, government and others, we will promote the Ekegusii language by developing the Ekegusii dictionary and reference material translated into English for Ekegusii speakers, learners and those who will study the language.

Proceeds from the sale of the dictionary will help set up language centers, train resource personnel to propagate the learning of ethnic languages in all institutions of learning.

Ours will be an Encyclopedic Dictionary with picture and sketch illustrations where necessary.

We wish to help establish an Organization to initiate, spearhead and oversee the language’s use especially in communication, in medicine, and in environment-related matters.

We seek to link with other institutions having similar objectives locally and internationally in pursuit of linguistic diversity and social science.

Using our meagre resources and assistance from collaborators, mainly volunteers, a lot of data has already been collected and collated of. However, further funding; (31,000,000 Kenyan shillings - about 450,000 U.S dollars, or £225,000 sterling), is needed to complete the manuscript and publish its first 10,000 copies.

Proceeds from sales of the dictionaries will be used to equip and encourage learning institutions with material focusing on Ekegusii; train Community Own Resource Persons (CORPs) to promote the language, set up community managed cultural centers thereby creating job opportunities through tourism.

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