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There have been some developments since the last update.

We are in the thick of translating whatever material has come in. Tt is quite a slow process, taking each word at a time and finding the nearest (if not entirely the same) meaning and application in English.

It has nevertheless improved our ability to translate .

Whenever I get into the bush, or woodland, I take pictures of plant and animal life to add to our data. This doesn't happen as often as I would like, but we do what we can. It will take quite a while. Meanwhile we continue with the translations.

Now the exciting part: The University of California has developed a language documentation workshop where different language speakers take sessions in speaking their languages whilst experts in linguistics record the phonetics. We are intending to attend some of these workshops next year, in California, as long as we can raise enough money for the air fare.

update, Apr 08 -we are attending! The air fare has been raised. After our trip, in August-September, we hope to say something about what has been achieved.

Meanwhile, if you can help the language preservation project in any way, particularly with fundraising, please contact us.

Kennedy Momanyi Bosire / Diversity website

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