The Ekegusii Encyclopedia Project

Ekegusiii Encyclopedic Projects


I. To compile an Encyclopedia of my mother tongue Ekegusii- for current and future use by Abagusii (the Ekegusii speaking peoples of Kenya) and any other who will learn, study or use the language in any capacity.

II. To promote and encourage the learning and preservation of Ekegusii ethnic language which carries the traditions and cultural values of the. Abagusii people and to preserve the tribes’ artefacts.

III. To publish and distribute learning materials in the vernacular (Ekegusii), and to support and establish learning institutions that utilize and promulgate Ekegusii.

IV. To help set up and establish an Organization hereafter called “Ekegusii Language Society" (which will initiate, spearhead and oversee the development of the Encyclopedic Projects).


Updated Objectives:

1. To raise awareness among the Abagusii community of the state and level of endangerment of the language.

2. To encourage its learning and promotion.

3. To document, preserve and archive it.

4. To help establish an organisation to initiate, spearhead and oversee the language's dynamism especially in technology, communication, medicine and the environment.

5. To facilitate community support for families, providing care for people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans and to ensure programme sustainability through income generating activities.


1. Generate Encyclopedic materials in the form of dictionaries, references and other literature.

2. Establish cultural community centres.

3. Establish sustainable learning programs within the community, and

4. Train personnel to sustain the gains and propogate them for posterity.

5. Organise HIV-AIDS outreach programs: home based care, counselling, feeding and education.

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